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to be annoyed that the 1st thing SIL says to me after not speaking to me ...

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hurricane · 16/11/2007 19:26

since dp left me and 2 kids (3 and 5) without warning 3 months ago even though she knows it was his choice and not mine and that I've been in hospital since and left to cope on my own is that she needs to know what size my dcs are so she can 'sort out christmas presents'.

OP posts:

hardhat · 16/11/2007 19:30

She's probably really embarrassed. She may be trying to let you know that she is thinking of the kids - in lots of families, once there is a break, whole family ignores the ex-partner. It sounds as if she is trying to make contact albeit clumsily. Don't be too harsh - you've had a dreadful time and I'm sure she knows it but doesn't want to take sides.


onetiredmummy · 16/11/2007 19:34

I agree, once kiddies are over 2 it generally goes according to age surely, ie if child is 7 years old you buy stuff that says 7-8?
Sorry to hear of you having such a bad time.
You didn't say how she asked you, if she did it snottily etc...


bigspender30 · 16/11/2007 19:41

think she was probably just attempting to make contact with you and that was an excuse. Hope you're ok. x


GodzillasBumcheek · 16/11/2007 19:47

You're not being unreasonable i guess, but the other MNers are probaly right. How could she talk to you normally without her brother thinking she's a traitor or something - but she may want to get your los christmas presents so they don't forget their auntie!


helenhismadwife · 17/11/2007 14:15

shes probably really uncomfortable and doesnt know quite what to say

Im sorry you have had such a bad time hope it gets better for you


milliec · 17/11/2007 20:33

Message withdrawn

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