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Anyone tried noon?

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ElphabaTWitch · 17/05/2021 13:51

Just that please! exercise is doing something, I don’t know what though cos my waist line isn’t shrinking. Fed up with food on the whole - I’m bored and can’t think of easy to prepare ( problem with my hands) and easily available and cheap enough meals to cook. Keep seeing ads for noom, but of course they all say how awesome it is. Exercise 5/6 days per week, no weight loss.
YABU not worth it
YANBU worked for me
Thanks ladies.

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incrediblehux · 17/05/2021 13:55

It's working for me. It's designed for the US market and it's much more about the psychology of losing weight and keeping it off. It covers related habits - not just eating and exercising. I used to be 'all or nothing'. I find noom is helping me to do things in moderation.


Neonprint · 17/05/2021 13:55

Yeah, it's just calorie counting in my experience. Really not good.


TwoAndAnOnion · 17/05/2021 13:58

It's far cheaper than SW or WW but it is psychobabble with dreadful puns - and in short, no food is 'bad', it is basic calorie counting, a strict 1200 per day. You weigh every day and get to know your monthly fluctuations. It's very supportive.

The old adage, eat less than you burn is true.


HarebrightCedarmoon · 17/05/2021 14:04

I did try it for a week or so but it wasn't for me. I just needed to eat less, not move more or "change my relationship with food" so all the psychobabble and activities did nothing for me.

After trying to lose weight, losing weight really slowly then losing and putting on the same stone most years, I'm nearly at goal on Fast 800 now.


Youdoyoutoday · 17/05/2021 14:14

I've been using it since January and have lost 22lbs, it's been slow going but I'm keeping it off which is just as important to me. It is basic calorie counting, a daily weigh in and daily lessons that go through why we over eat etc. It is good and does make you think about your own food choices.

You could probably do a free or cheap trial.

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