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Mom/mum jeans..

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Loveyoutheworld · 16/05/2021 22:12

Are you supposed to get them two to three sizes up? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Feeling massive right now as my normal size body doesn’t work in mom jeans and I had to buy two sizes up, is that normal? They are so tight round my waist 😩

OP posts:

Loveyoutheworld · 16/05/2021 22:13

Not normal size body 😂normal size clothes don’t fit when it comes to these jeans

OP posts:

wanderedlonelyasacloud · 16/05/2021 22:15

I love mom Jean's but yes they do seem to be tighter round the waist!

Some have no stretch at all and you may need to size up but have a look for ones with a bit of elastic in and then you might be able to get your normal size Smile

(The ones I wear are from simply be)


AreTurnipsReal · 16/05/2021 22:16

I bought a size or so up yes. Ignoring the number, they look and feel great!


AreTurnipsReal · 16/05/2021 22:17

Gap, by the way.


Adventureswith · 16/05/2021 22:19

Get the one with ‘stretch’ material for better comfort


LarsErickssong · 16/05/2021 22:19

Yup I always have to size up 1-2 sizes, I think it's because compared to skinnies they have zero stretch. My waist is my best feature but I still manage to zip up mom jeans in my normal size.

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