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To think this is not cool with a baby around?

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Adviseme2021 · 16/05/2021 19:52

DC is 1yo, crawling, cruising and shoving everything possible in the mouth as you’d expect for that age.

Visiting DMIL/FIL and all fun and games as usual they’re great, then DMIL noticed something on DFILs shoe it’s a massive dog turd from their garden he’s accidentally been walking around their house. He immediately takes it off and puts it outside.. ok great I though next a bucket or something to clean the floor. Nope, neither thought of the dog poo which had been walked around for probably 20 minutes at that point. They went to put our DC back on the floor exactly where he sat with dog poo on his shoe and I just grabbed DC and said no, no crawling on the floor now after there’s been dog shit on it.

It all got a bit awkward and they wiped that little spot, but not the route to/from the garden or where he’d been elsewhere.

I’m not talking about just wearing shoes inside, that may have some point had dog poo on them from the pavement; this was actual poo that covered 1/3 of his sole being walked around.

I didn’t know that was the level of thought that went into cleaning (maybe IABU) and our DC spends quite a bit of time there😬.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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sst1234 · 16/05/2021 19:58

This is why wearing shoes inside the house is gross. Just saying.


Ofallthethings · 16/05/2021 19:59

No I would not be impressed with that either. Was it a hard floor or a carpet?
When you say he spends quite a bit of time there are you always with him?


DarcyLewis · 16/05/2021 20:02

So gross! I wouldn’t put my crawling baby on a floor people have walked on with outdoor shoes at all.


Adviseme2021 · 16/05/2021 20:02

Hardfloor @Ofallthethings
Nope not always there when DC is.

@sst1234 it totally avoids this scenario at least!!

OP posts:

Aprilwasverywet · 16/05/2021 20:03

How often do they clean up outside? Your dc will be out there before long...


TheLovleyChebbyMcGee · 16/05/2021 20:04

My parents thought we were crazy for banning shoes inside when DS was crawling. I never wear my outdoor shoes inside, It helps to reduce hiw often I hoover. Although now we've got a child, its still needs done every day!


Lalliebelle · 16/05/2021 20:05

That's disgusting!


MIC2689 · 16/05/2021 20:08

Haha I have 2 dogs. I clean up the garden twice a day but yeah there's likely a rogue shit out there. My son has often stood in shit and walked it inside. Yeah I'd clean up the obvious shit inside but I wouldn't clean the whole kitchen floor after. But I'm likely gross rather than you being unreasonable 😉😂. If I had someone else's baby round who was crawling I'd have cleaned the whole floor though and been really embarrassed....


AlmostSummer21 · 16/05/2021 20:08

That's disgusting. I'm surprised one of couldn't smell it!


Laiste · 16/05/2021 20:17

Ewwwwwwwww! Is it carpet? Because honestly, cleaning a carpet properly after that happened would have to involve a proper rented cleaner for me. Before i'd put a baby back down on it.


Adviseme2021 · 16/05/2021 20:20

@MIC2689 we have a dog too so aren’t a hyper clean bleach everything family but we know for certain there was dog poo on that spot a few seconds ago, totally frightened me when DC was being lowered into that exact spot then.

18% think IABU, which bit, the fact I’m grossed out in the first place or the fact I wouldn’t let DC on the floor after that?

OP posts:

Adviseme2021 · 16/05/2021 20:21

Hardfloor @Laiste

OP posts:

MIC2689 · 16/05/2021 20:27

I think based on your son's age, they should have cleaned the floor. It really wouldn't have taken them long or required much effort, a Dettol floor wipe or 2 would've done the job.


CovidSmart · 16/05/2021 21:02

Well no it’s more that I’m wondering what you expected them to do.

If carpet, did you expect them take out a steam cleaner and clean the whole carpet. And ask you to leave because well... that room wouldn’t be usable
If hard floor, again, did you expect them to take out the bucket and mop and ... ask you to leave because you would have needed to wait until the floor was dry? And I imagine you wouldn’t have wanted baby to crawl around the wet floor either.

Curious to see what you think would have happened.


CovidSmart · 16/05/2021 21:05


I think based on your son's age, they should have cleaned the floor. It really wouldn't have taken them long or required much effort, a Dettol floor wipe or 2 would've done the job.

I don’t have wipes in the house. Maybe the OP’s PIL don’t have any either??

Personally I don’t see the difference between a vague clean with a wipe roughly along the ‘path’ where very clearly you will have missed many ‘bits’ and nit cleaning at all. ESP when said child has ALREADY been crawling all over and cleaned said floor with his knees.

Rosebel · 16/05/2021 21:15

You wanted them to clean the floor after your son had crawled on it for 20 minutes? Seems a bit pointless at that stage.
Also if it was everywhere surely one of you would have seen it.
I don't allow shoes in the house but if you do then do you think your floor is really that clean?


MIC2689 · 16/05/2021 21:29

I don't see where OP has said baby has been crawling around after the dog incident? Oh don't get me wrong, I'm very relaxed when it comes to cleaning but even I'm a little bit ewww at the idea of a baby's hands in dog shit.


Adviseme2021 · 16/05/2021 21:30

Ah ok, I see, I suppose I thought why bother cleaning a tiny part if not all of route from garden to sofa @CovidSmart? It seemed to be just because I’d mentioned it rather than them actually seeing a need to clean the floor. No, as I’ve said a few times it wasn’t carpet but hardfloor so easy to clean.

DC hadn’t crawled in that part yet @Rosebel luckily was sat on the rug playing with toys quite a bit away, certainly would have at some point though.

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