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Emergency contraception

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RupertTheBear89 · 14/05/2021 17:48

Apologies for the shameless post for traffic, but it's a bit of a time sensitive one. I started my period last Saturday and began taking cerazette on Sunday morning. Took it Monday Tues and Wed then forgot to take yesterday (Thursdays dose). DTD with DH earlier this afternoon which reminded me to take todays dose (around 3pm) This is when I noticed I had forgotten yesterday's dose. Cue panic as I'm only 8 months post partum. Google offers varying advice so rang the pharmacist. He was quite certain that I didn't need emergency contraception as I'd technically only missed one pill but he checked with his (female) colleague who stated I should get it as I had missed 'two'. Not really sure what to do. I'm currently 8 months post partum so absolutely do not want to take chances but at the same time I don't want to be taking medication unnecessarily. Just to add this is the first time in 15 years I've ever forgotten to take a pill so please be kind!

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Happycat1212 · 14/05/2021 17:51

Erm just take it!


murbblurb · 14/05/2021 17:55

You have a 12 hour window for cerazette but you missed that twice. Go get the MAP.


Lockheart · 14/05/2021 17:56

What does the leaflet which comes with your pills say?

Do that.


RupertTheBear89 · 14/05/2021 19:18

@murbblurb I think I 'only' missed the 12 hour window once, as if I had of taken yesterday's pill I would have still been in the 12 hour window for todays pill IYSWIM. But yes, I probably should get the MAP just to err on the side of caution. And set a bloody alarm clock too!

OP posts:

RupertTheBear89 · 14/05/2021 19:52

@lockheart it suggests I may not be covered and to use barrier methods for 7 days

OP posts:

normalsaline · 14/05/2021 20:14

[quote RupertTheBear89]@lockheart it suggests I may not be covered and to use barrier methods for 7 days[/quote]
Well then what’s your question?


dementedpixie · 14/05/2021 20:18

With it being the mini pill you should take the morning after pill after missing 1 pill and having sex. You have more leeway with the combined pill but only after you have taken it for more than 7 days after first starting it.


JustLyra · 14/05/2021 20:20

You need to take the MAP or get an emergency coil fitted if pregnancy would be a disaster. I wouldn’t take any chances.


RupertTheBear89 · 14/05/2021 20:20

Thank you for the advice @dementedpixie. I was just a bit thrown by the pharmacist stating it was OTT to get it. He did say he would prescribe it "for peace of mind" but he made it clear he thought I was being neurotic

OP posts:

dementedpixie · 14/05/2021 20:24

They may have been confused as you can miss one combined pill and be ok. There is less leeway with the mini pill

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