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More of a what would you do than AIBU....Christmas play...roller skates

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SlightlyMadScreachingSirens · 15/11/2007 21:46

DTD is a "roller skate dancer" in school play.

She cannot roller skate
She has no roller skates that fit
I have no time to teach her to skate in hte next 3-4wks
I refuse to buy her roller skates (Santa may bring some)

We don't know anything else about the role other than the 'title'.

Should I talk to teacher and find out exactly what is involved
IF it does involve wearing a pair of skates would you/can I refuse and ask for her to have another role in play?

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DynamicNanny · 15/11/2007 22:09

I would ask whether the school were providing the skates and teaching her.... if not, ask for a different part


SlightlyMadScreachingSirens · 15/11/2007 22:14

I will have a word tomorrow I think....

OP posts:

PaperChain · 15/11/2007 22:22

sounds a bit OTT to me....


SlightlyMadScreachingSirens · 15/11/2007 22:29

what my reaction?

if they are assuming she can skate they are in for a surprise and it is not fair to expect here to either learn in 3wks or to kind of waddle around trying not to fall over if there is someone else in the class who can skate.

It may be that it is 'pretend skating'...which is fine by me. I just want to make sure that they are asking the appropriate person.

OP posts:

PaperChain · 15/11/2007 22:32

pretend skating???????


SlightlyMadScreachingSirens · 15/11/2007 22:34

As in not actually having wheels on feet but pretending glide around as though they are wearing skates. I can hope...

OP posts:

PaperChain · 15/11/2007 22:37

it sounds v peculiar to me...


nappyaddict · 15/11/2007 22:37

i would say you can definitely refuse if she can't rollerskate and doesn't own any unless they are willing to teach her and lend her a pair.


Emprexia · 16/11/2007 00:30

I can't see them letting real skates on the stage.. the H&S people would go nuts!


beeper · 16/11/2007 09:57

Hrrrm.....have they got enough public liablilty cover and is not it against health and safty.


Hulababy · 16/11/2007 10:06

I would go in and ask what it involves first.

DD can't roller skate, although she does have some skates (probably too small) - she'd not be able to play this part.


SlightlyMadScreachingSirens · 16/11/2007 13:28

kaishay & beeper....I did wonder that too. Will ask this afternoon.

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portonovo · 16/11/2007 13:48

One of my children did this in her Christmas production a few years ago and it was hilarious! Wonder if it's the same play...

However, the school did choose some children who could roller skate fairly well and already had their own skates. It's madness if they can't skate or don't own any!

I must admit, I was a bit surprised they did this, our head is normally so tight on health and safety (I reckon they didn't tell her!), but it was a very short piece and went without major problems, a couple of wobbles being the only problem.


SlightlyMadScreachingSirens · 16/11/2007 16:22

Well have spoken to teacher. I have been assured there will be no rolling. Even though they did apparently consider it ....

Apparently they will make some wheels out of cardboard to make their shoes look like skates .

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