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To ask if blood tests results are very bad

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User566666 · 12/05/2021 23:26

Are the results flag as important to the gp

OP posts:

Bagamoyo1 · 12/05/2021 23:47

I don’t understand the question


SummerWillow · 12/05/2021 23:49

Blood results have a range of normal which the GP sees on their screen, and anything abnormal will be flagged up.


Apandemicyousay · 12/05/2021 23:50

And anything dangerously abnormal will be phoned from labs to GP too.


JamieLeeCurtains · 12/05/2021 23:51

Yes, someone from the GP surgery should phone you if the results are 'bad', ie outside of the normal range.

Do they have your current phone number and all contact details?

Are you worried?


ThinWomansBrain · 12/05/2021 23:52

if your GP requested the blood test - yes, get sent to him/her as a matter of course.
done while your an in-patient at hospital? not sure, must be some kind of central database - plus i've not stayed in hospital often, but isn't there normally a discharge letter from hospital to GP?


PinkArt · 12/05/2021 23:54

A few years ago I had blood tests that did flag that there was potentially something serious wrong that needed treatment asap. My GP was told later the same day and he phoned me and asked me to head to A&E.
I hope that gives you the answer you're after. Either way though, remember if it is bad news, it's better that whatever it is has been found and can hopefully be treated.


SecretDoor · 12/05/2021 23:54

Do you have your blood results?


ThinWomansBrain · 12/05/2021 23:57

If you don't have it already, it's worth asking at your GP surgery for online access to your medical records.
You can then see results of blood tests etc for yourself, rather than verbal "X is high" - as a PP has said, you will see your result, with acceptable/normal range to compare against.


GoldenBlue · 12/05/2021 23:58

Yes your GP gets notified of all out of range results for any tests they have requested with a flag and often colour change on the results screen. The gp will review the results and decide whether the anomaly is sufficient to require action.

If they are dangerously out of range the pathology lab will phone the surgery to ensure they are aware straight away.

The GP will contact you if the5 are concerned and/or you need treatment


Northernlurker · 13/05/2021 00:04

The lab ring through anything life threatening. The GP will hunt you down and tell you to get to A and E in that case.
If you've had a call saying you need an appointment to discuss, it does not mean results are 'very bad'. It means the results are not normal. Could indicate further investigation is needed, could indicate treatment is needed.


LizJamIsFab · 13/05/2021 00:23

The lab ring if it’s critical.

If the result is out of range they will be sent with the normal ones and the GP will go through them and either mark as normal, leave a message, ring you or ask receptionist to ring you, depending on situation. They may need to wait for all the results before doing this.


BritWifeinUSA · 13/05/2021 03:43

You will get a phone call if there’s something very wrong. I got a call and was told to go to the ER. The doctor told them I was coming. I was in emergency surgery within 30 minutes of arriving.


Gunpowder · 13/05/2021 04:48

With DD2 I didn’t pick up the urgent phone call so they hand delivered a letter to the door!

Are you ok OP?

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