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To feel like the GP isn't taking me seriously?

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GPBaby · 11/05/2021 09:49

My 4 month old baby has had a dry cough for weeks now (neg Covid test).

It doesn't seem to be going away and is getting more frequent if anything. I've been to the GP a few times as it just doesn't seem to be shifting. First time told me they think he has a minor virus but nothing to be concerned about, should be gone in a week, come back if not and then last time told me that he was perfectly healthy and I need to try to stop worrying, started asking me if I was anxious about being a Mum etc...

I don't feel anxious about anything other than the fact that he has a bloody cough which isn't going away!

AIBU to ask for another doctor? I understand babies get colds and coughs but this has been going on for well over a month (after the GP told me themselves it should be gone in a week and to go back if it wasn't) and no one seems to care that it's not going.

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Hankunamatata · 11/05/2021 09:50

At an internet guess - reflux?


GPBaby · 11/05/2021 09:51

Ps my HV is next to useless, I haven't been able to speak to her since his 6 week appointment.

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GPBaby · 11/05/2021 09:52


At an internet guess - reflux?

I considered this but I just don't think it is, when I first took him he had the cough, a rash and diarrhea. They told me it looked like a viral rash and that his symptoms should be gone in a week. Except the cough hasn't. And it's all day, not just after feeds/laying down etc...
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Mamamamasaurus · 11/05/2021 09:53

Do you have a family history of asthma / hay-fever / eczema? I ask because when either of my DC get a cold, they get post nasal drip. It sounds gross but it's basically snot which makes them cough. Only DD has asthma but they're both like this after a cold / viral


GPBaby · 11/05/2021 09:55

I have mild hay fever but I've not been affected so far this year but no eczema or asthma that I'm aware of.

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SueSaid · 11/05/2021 09:55

'AIBU to ask for another doctor? I understand babies get colds and coughs but this has been going on for well over a month (after the GP told me themselves it should be gone in a week and to go back if it wasn't) and no one seems to care that it's not going.'

I would. We always feel a bit awkward to doubt doctors but you've got a month old baby with a persistent problem, it's fine to get them checked again. I presume the gp examined him, listened to your ds's chest and did O2 sats checks?


midgedude · 11/05/2021 09:58

Is the dad around? Can he take baby to the doctor?


LH4VR · 11/05/2021 09:58

You're perfectly entitled to a 2nd opinion. Speak to the receptionist. See if you can get an appointment with another dr in the same practice.


romdowa · 11/05/2021 10:00

You would be unreasonable not to ask for a different doctor to be honest. Some gps can be very hit and miss.


GPBaby · 11/05/2021 10:01

Thank you. I just felt like I was being fobbed off as an anxious first time mother if you know what I mean?

He did check babies chest etc... But he very obviously has a cough (was coughing whilst there) and so I don't feel I can just leave him for long periods without checking with someone if it's not going especially considering they told me it was a virus and should be gone in a week! But then when I go back I just feel patronised for even being there.

They were even saying something about how 'isnt it good we have a cough reflex though, it's our bodies way of clearing out throat' as if I was a child...

Yes DH could go I guess.

OP posts:

SueSaid · 11/05/2021 10:02

'Is the dad around? Can he take baby to the doctor?'

What difference would that make? The issue is the Dr not the op.

'They told me it looked like a viral rash and that his symptoms should be gone in a week. Except the cough hasn't'

He's still coughing all day every day, he needs looking at again.


midgedude · 11/05/2021 10:16

The issue is that women are more often dismissed than men especially in medical settings


Bellringer · 11/05/2021 10:18

Advice from baby clinic or NHS direct?


Subordinateclause · 11/05/2021 10:24

Agree men are taken more seriously, unfortunately. Studies back this up. My baby had a lot of GP appts and there seemed to be more action when it was my husband who took her. Quite infuriating!


WyldStallions · 11/05/2021 10:39

Coughs can last for ages in babies. My neighbour's son coughed on my baby when he was about 3 weeks old (still not really forgiven him!) and it took him about 3 or 4 months or so to clear the resulting cough - their immune systems are still gearing up. Is he otherwise well?


Twotinydictators · 11/05/2021 10:41

My DS had a cough for quite a few weeks at that age, took him ages to shake it off. In fact, anytime he gets a cough it lingers for ages. He's a strapping 5 year old though and hasn't had a cough for sometime.

If there are no other health concerns and baby otherwise seems fine, I wouldn't be too concerned. You know your baby best though, if you are worried push for a second opinion Flowers


Amammai · 11/05/2021 10:50

I would take him back and ask to see someone else. If the second doctor says it’s nothing to worry about, at least you’ll feel reassured. I found GPs here weren’t great when my son was a baby. I was made to feel like an awkward ‘first time mum’ many times. Fast forward to my son being 3 and a half and we are still under consultants at two different hospitals for health issues which I raised early on and was initially fobbed off by GP about. I had to return so many times to get a referral. Go with your gut- you know your baby best.


PaySeeWhiTa · 11/05/2021 11:16

Get a second opinion if you have doubts about the first. However I would say, if you have a well baby with a cough, what are you expecting the GP to do? They can't make coughs go any quicker. Don't fixate on the fact the first one said it would be gone in a week, they're not psychic. However you are your baby's advocate and if you think something is wrong then fine, but ask yourself what you are expecting or what would make you feel reassured and then you have something to raise with the next GP rather than just 'my baby's cough hasn't gone'.


PaySeeWhiTa · 11/05/2021 11:20

Eg. My baby has had a persistent cough for x number of weeks, although I was told it was likely viral in the beginning because he also had diarrhoea and a rash I was also told if it was viral it would clear quickly and it hasn't. I'm concerned about y (I'm not clear what you are specifically concerned about). Would z (further testing etc) be indicated now? If not why not? (For your reassurance)


Youdoyoutoday · 11/05/2021 11:30

You know your baby best so phone the GP, get an appointment and ask to see another doctor. Good luck


bridgetreilly · 11/05/2021 12:01

Phone 111?

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