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Teaching about the Menopause

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MumofSpud · 10/05/2021 00:08

It has just dawned on me about how little we are taught about the menopause at school and has made me angry.
This year I have been in Year 7 and 8 science lessons when they cover Puberty / Reproduction.
The menopause was covered by the teachers literally saying ONE sentence about it.
When I talked to DH - he said that maybe it's too far away for young teens to learn about.
But I think that most teens will have a mum nearing the menopause sooner than they have children iyswim.
So I think it is vital that we include this in the 'reproduction' topic as there is so much ignorance/ misunderstanding about it.
Or maybe I am overthinking as I am at 'that age'. Hmm

OP posts:

unwuthering · 10/05/2021 00:56

I think we should start by teaching women themselves about the menopause and also make it standard for GPs to have done substantial study on the topic, rather than the briefest of brushes during their training, and for current guidelines to be impressed upon them re treatment options.

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