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Elbow Bumps

9 replies

NeverfishedinFrance · 09/05/2021 22:22

I cringe at politicians bumping elbows, especially when they move from one person to another doing it. Am I being unreasonable or does it all look really awkward?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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XenoBitch · 09/05/2021 22:24

It is Covid theatre... total crap.


Flev · 09/05/2021 22:25

I find it ridiculous how close their faces get whilst they do it - surely shaking hands and sanitising afterwards is safer if they really must do something?


HugeAckmansWife · 09/05/2021 22:27

Yep. Awful. I have yet to elbow bump anyone and it just looks appalling when people with the most serious jobs are doing it for the cameras. How about a respectful nod from a sensible distance?


Todaywillbegood · 09/05/2021 22:29

Me too! Any chance you were watching the evening news at 10?!


GroggyLegs · 09/05/2021 22:31

It's horrendous. So fake & awkward, just say hello. Little wave if you must.

I used to regularly shake hands at work - fine.
Since covid a couple of men have tried to elbow bump with me & it makes me cringe inside out.

I hope all the unnecessary touching in professional environments ends tbh 😂


Picklypickles · 09/05/2021 22:31

Yes it's weird, why do people have to touch each other at all, covid or not?


Stoptalkingtome · 09/05/2021 22:33

Shouldn't even be doing it at all. It's hardly the safe distance they tell us we should be apart. Looks stupid. Is stupid.


Jannetra17 · 10/05/2021 11:28

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Ollinisca · 11/05/2021 02:29

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