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This is revolting - why do people buy Murdoch papers?

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Jente · 09/05/2021 16:25

Why do we allow these bastards to shape our politics. His poor wife.

This is revolting - why do people buy Murdoch papers?
This is revolting - why do people buy Murdoch papers?
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Am I being unreasonable?


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littlepattilou · 09/05/2021 16:26

I don't know anyone who buys them tbh. Nope, I really don't.


HollowTalk · 09/05/2021 16:27

I don't know anyone who buys them, either!


Jente · 09/05/2021 20:07

It must be someone. Why are they still so influential. No wonder we have a problem with misogyny in this country.

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user1927462849194729 · 09/05/2021 20:12

If it revolts you, why are you sharing it to more people?

I haven't clicked on the images because I don't want to read their dross, but people like you who share it and get people talking about it and looking up the page to see more are why they are still in business.


ViciousJackdaw · 09/05/2021 20:49

YANBU. the s*n (does not deserve capital letters) is a filthy, disgusting rag. Not fit to hang in the privy.


Campervan69 · 09/05/2021 20:51

Is this the guy who murdered his wife?


Jente · 09/05/2021 22:25

Yes, it is. UserNumbers, you make a good point. This is why I've copied this of Twitter so it doesn't link to their website. Maybe I'm guilty of signal boosting but I'm just so angry that this man killed his wife and is being celebrated as a hero.

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