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Who IBU me or my brother?

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Cherrychocchip · 09/05/2021 14:46

We both have 17 year old kids. He booked last summer for his family to go to Spain this July coming and for my daughter to go with them. Of course back then we assumed covid would be over 🙄
With the announcement last week that Spain is amber and even if it turns green by mid July testing will be needed both legs of the journey. I have said no to dd going as if she tests positive on the return journey she will be in a foreign country isolating in a hotel room possibly alone due to her age? Unsure whether whole family would also do the same or if it would be just her.
Brother thinks I'm been ridiculous. The chances of it happening are rare and they should just stick with the original plans and pay for tests and go. Dd is happy to go along with that but I feel she isn't thinking it through properly. Am I being over protective? It's not a package holiday either so flights have already been paid in full.

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shivawn · 09/05/2021 15:40

Cancel if you're uncomfortable. Flights to Spain can't be that expensive. How does your daughter feel about not going?


SeaToSki · 09/05/2021 15:45

Ask your brother if he would be happy to stay on for x number of days with your DD if she tested positive and the rest of them were negative. New flights, hotel bills and they would have to stay until a negative test and some people test positive for ages. Its Murphys Law that it would happen. If he is willing to stay with her and pay for it (so the risk is all on him) then he can take her as he does say the chances are very small. But I would want it crystal clear and in writing from him and your DD so they cant get out of it


Cherrychocchip · 09/05/2021 18:19

Dd wants to go but she's not thinking about possible repercussions.
Brother thinks it won't happen so nothing to worry about. He booked all flights though and i transferred him money. I wouldn't want to lose it but don't desperately need it back.

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