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To hate musk in perfumes?

11 replies

awakenedlight · 08/05/2021 23:52

I strongly dislike musk in perfume on me. I find it dries down to this heavy and nauseating smell that I really dislike. No matter what perfume I use, if it contains musk it will dry down and be all that I can smell, all the other notes of the perfume will be gone aside from the heavy, lingering musk smell.

It seems to be in every perfume, so is it popular with others? Do you find it dries down badly on you or do you like musk in perfumes?

OP posts:

Gullible2021 · 08/05/2021 23:53

Nope I detest it too. It makes me feel physically sick.


Gullible2021 · 08/05/2021 23:53

The worst perfume in the world is Amouage. It makes me feel like I’m about to vomit.


DramaAlpaca · 09/05/2021 00:09

I don't like it either.


BluePeterVag · 09/05/2021 00:12

Me too. Once worked with a lady who liberally sprayed herself with Impulse “A hint of musk”. I had to cover her job one day and found the spray in her desk drawer. I got a sticker, coloured in in gold sharpie to match the aerosol colour, and changed it to say “a hint of must”. Put her off when she found it. I should’ve been given an OBE or something for services to colleagues.


1Morewineplease · 09/05/2021 00:13

It was ok thirty years ago amongst teenage girls. Doesn't work now.


EL8888 · 09/05/2021 00:13

I hate it. Makes me want to vom


Thelnebriati · 09/05/2021 00:13

Which type of musk though? I like a well blended white musk, and hate civet.


Cabinfever10 · 09/05/2021 00:14

It gives me migraines and is the reason I can't ware perfume nor do I let anyone in my home with any on


SmidgenofaPigeon · 09/05/2021 00:15

@BluePeterVag I don’t get it. You put a sticker on her spray and she didn’t use it anymore? That’s because you just embarrassed her over it in a passive aggressive way, it’s definitely not award-worthy.

It is a cloying sent though, I don’t like it.


EBearhug · 09/05/2021 00:18

It's not in every perfume. Look for ones which are more green or floral.


JullyNea · 09/05/2021 00:48

This reply has been deleted

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