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Did I do the right thing?

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Zig27 · 08/05/2021 21:14

About a week ago I told my agency I wanted to leave the job as the person I was working with had spoken to me rudely twice, belittled me in front of a customer, rushes through training and back tracks on what she has trained me on saying I did it wrong.

There was an extra project which she felt pressured to do because the colleague who is off on maternity said she would get it sorted when she was back which my colleague said "who does she think she is" and that she would get it done before she is back. The problem is my colleague kept telling me it must be done so she was trying to drag me into burn out mode as well. I don't see why I should burn myself out just so she can get one over on her colleague.

She can't switch off and was working on Sunday on bank holiday as I saw the emails.

I have known this woman years as I worked there before and we got on well which was a factor in why I accepted the position. She has been working on her own for 6 out of 9 months as the previous temp was only there for 3 months and she has struggled to find a replacement.

On Friday she called me as she has been off all week moving house and told me she was very unwell after having the vaccine. She then said she has been stressed out about me all week being on my own. I told her to stop worrying about work and that her health came first. Even though she had annoyed me I was concerned about her health after the vaccine. I was telling her to look after herself but she was still talking about work. She said she is stressed and has had enough of the job. I told her it is just a job and not worth it.

The joke is the Chief Executive said that staff feel that senior leaders are out of touch with staff yet he has time to make You Tube videos and send them to all staff on the emails but does not have time to personally speak to staff and find out how they feel like this woman.

The other day her manager spoke to me as he said the agency had contacted him. I told him everything about how she had treated me and the fact she is burning herself out and asking me to do work which is impossible. He is a nice manager as I knew him before and he said he will speak to her and that she will need training on line management as she is new to managing someone.

He said I should tell her if she has upset me but I told him I felt like I could not as she can be abrupt. He said it will not happen again and he is desperate for me to stay as I know the system or service well and they would struggle to get a replacement. I said I stayed to help on to her out and she begged me but I couldn't understand why she would treat me that when I have tried to help her.

I just dread if she tries to have a go at me when all did was raise my concerns as was affecting me the way she was behaving and expecting me to burn out too. I feel it is irresponsible to be hiding bullying and joining in a burn out culture.

OP posts:

Hawkins001 · 08/05/2021 21:22

Not sure what the best to advice op, although all the best


Cherrysoup · 08/05/2021 21:41

Do you feel able to stand up for yourself? I think you might benefit from assertiveness training, there are online courses. You must not be her whipping boy, it’s extremely unfair of her. If she speaks to you like that again, tell her-unemotionally-that you’ve spoken to the boss and that if she is again rude to you, he wants to know. No need for big drama, but she is making you uncomfortable and needs to know that you won’t be the kicked puppy any longer. You are a professional and deserve to be treated as such. She sounds like a horrible bitch. Actually, she sounds like my boss, control freak!


Zig27 · 08/05/2021 21:47

@Cherrysoup Thanks for your input. It's weird because outside of work I am very vocal and don't let anyone walk all over me. For some reason at work I have let people behave inappropriately. I don't like conflict and like to behave professionally but I think some training would do me good to not let these uncomfortable situations continue. They certainly have no problem speaking out, even if it is in the wrong way.

OP posts:

Cherrysoup · 08/05/2021 21:52

Exactly, they don’t care if they speak to you rudely, stick up for yourself and don’t let her be so bitchy. Imagine if this were your best friend or daughter telling you this had happened at work; what would your advice be?

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