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Help! Weird rash

2 replies

mooonstone · 07/05/2021 00:40

Posting for late night advice

I shaved my bikini area on Wednesday. On Thursday I don’t even know what happened- a huge rash has formed in the area. I think it’s a mix of friction from chafing (weird as I never usually get this) and possibly a new laundry detergent that irritates my skin. Shaving/the regrowth from shaving also irritates my skin but I was desperate !

The entire area is very sore, large rash and feels raw and itchy. What can I do? Is eumovate a bad idea?

OP posts:

NeedCoffeeToSurvive · 07/05/2021 01:14

Germolene cream, apply a thin layer over the rash, it honestly was my favourite skin treatment until I became allergic to it, haven't found one as good since, it contains a local anesthetic that numbs the area plus an antiseptic that helps the skin heal. I'd also recommend sleeping without bottoms on to let the skin breath and avoid further irritation overnight.

Could be the razor you used, maybe it needs replacing. Or if you've walked more than usual or done heavy exercise, it's irritated the area a bit.


TaraR2020 · 07/05/2021 01:17


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