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Virgin and SkyDisney

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AtomHeartMotherOfGod · 05/05/2021 23:28

I am feeling not a little bereft that I have lost all my recorded Disney films (my feel good/ keep me company while I'm doing stuff films) because 'The channel SkyDisney is no longer supported by Virgin'.

As a grown woman, AIBU or is this a total fucker? Quite a few movie channels seem to have been culled so other films may be for the chop. If I find 'Little Miss Sunshine' has gone I will be so pissed... especially since we pay so much!

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Am I being unreasonable?


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flashylamp · 05/05/2021 23:31

It's nothing to do with virgin. Disney have cut them channels as they want people to subscribe to Disney+


AtomHeartMotherOfGod · 05/05/2021 23:33

Oh that makes sense... thanks for educating me on media policy.

The buggers though Sad

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