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To turn it up and sing along?

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greengrey · 05/05/2021 16:21

Everyone knows that if Livin' on a Prayer comes on the radio it's compulsory to turn up the volume and sing along at the top of your voice, especially if you're in the car, right?

8yo DS disagrees and is mortified at such behaviour. Grin

What song makes you do this?

OP posts:

the80sweregreat · 05/05/2021 16:43

Many many songs come on the radio that I have to screech along to. Living on a prayer is a classic tune and I like a singalong to it.
White snake ' here I go again' is another one.


BerniesMittens · 05/05/2021 16:49

8yo DS disagrees and is mortified at such behaviour

If you can't embarrass your own child then you're not doing the job properly. Crack on!



Sparklingbrook · 05/05/2021 17:11

That is absolutely the rules. I have heard that you can get points on your licence for not doing so.


Sparklingbrook · 05/05/2021 17:13

I may have bellowed along with Bryan Adams and Run to You on the motorway coming home from work just. But I was alone. Sad


ChristmasAlone · 05/05/2021 17:14

I've had to stop listening to Spotify whilst driving as there's way too many songs on my playlists that I feel like this about and want to go full hairbrush mode


KatyaZamolodchikova · 05/05/2021 17:15

Obviously Don’t Stop Believin’


greengrey · 05/05/2021 17:34

Oh yes Run to You is another!


Sweet Child O Mine... and widely Song 2.

OP posts:

the80sweregreat · 05/05/2021 18:22

Anything by Blur is turned up high here!


0blio · 05/05/2021 18:23

Bat out of Hell!


NeedNewKnees · 05/05/2021 18:32

Come on Eileen

Can’t not!


jesusmaryjosephandtheweedonkey · 05/05/2021 18:46

Don't stop believing

Anything ABBA


AFS1 · 05/05/2021 18:48

SO many!
My kids hate it!


HomeEdRocks18 · 05/05/2021 19:50

Bohemian Rhapsody


ItsAllAboutTheParsley · 05/05/2021 20:18

“Don’t you want me?” Especially when DP and I can do the appropriate verses - although he likes to work in a cocktail bar sometimes
“Relight my fire” And as a bonus point ‘shout’.
“Should I stay or should I go?” DP there, but strangely the Jools Holland/Kylie version 🤷‍♀️
“Since you’ve been gone”
“Every day” Sad Cafe again DP and I share the chorus.
And my niche Heaven 17 obsession, ‘Temptation’ and Fascist Groove Thang. I’m old, sue me.

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