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Questioning House Move

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ForkedIt · 05/05/2021 15:47

As per username, I feel like I’ve forked it all up.

I moved away from an ok (not exactly desirable) area to go to uni. Met my now husband and we stayed in the area after uni, got married, bought house, had baby.
I’m pregnant again and we have a 2.5 year old. We decided to move back to my hometown as this last lockdown felt such a struggle and with a second on the way we wanted family support. It felt like everyone we knew with small children was able to make support bubbles with their parents for various reasons and we had nobody.

Obviously the housing market is mad at the moment so our house sold straight away and we found something to buy.
Everything has now started to open up and I’m seriously second guessing if this move is a good idea. Pre-covid, we loved the area, our toddler was (is) in a really excellent nursery and (should) go to a really, lovely primary. I have a great support system of local mums. There are some really helpful support groups for new mums which I found invaluable with my first baby and planned to utilise with the second.

But the ‘new’ area has my parents(and a few various family members). And housing a lot cheaper so we would be going from a 3 bed semi to a 5 bed detached. Picture moving from a vibrant area like Brighton to an ex mining town in Wales. It’s not an awful area but I’m worried I’m going to be sat in my lovely new house, on my own. My dad has a big ‘important job’ and my mum is self employed so flexible, but busy. I’m not sure, really, how much day to day support I’ll get. They are obviously promising the world to try to get me to move back. And if I call off the move now, they both might die of broken hearts. (Ok. Not actually)
We are relatively early into the moving process so we (and the people in our chain) have little to lose financially but I feel sick at the thought of calling it off and letting them down.
Are my reasons for not calling it off just me worrying about letting other people down? Is that a valid reason?
But what if Covid rumbles on and I’m stuck at home with toddler, baby and no support? Will my children miss out if I don’t live near family?

Like I said. I’m forked.

AIBU to call off the move?

OP posts:

Rexasaurus · 05/05/2021 22:27

We moved away from our family to a worse area when we had a 2.5 yr old & a newborn. Didn’t know anyone in the new town.

It was only for 6/12 months & I was determined that it was going to be ok. & it was. It was so ok, we bought a house & stayed.

Best thing we ever did 😊

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