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Bloody pins and needles!

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Jourdain11 · 03/05/2021 20:33

I've had pins and needles in my fingers and feet all day and it's driving me nuts! I never usually get them, unless I've actually sat on my foot till it's gone dead or something. Seems a little odd, and more than a little annoying, that they appeared out of the blue like this.

Would you be worried, or am I just showing exceptionally low levels of tolerance for discomfort? Wink

Yes = chill out, it's pins and needles
No = does sound a bit unusual

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Looubylou · 03/05/2021 20:57

Ring 111 for advice - if they are happy I would still seek medical advice tommorrow if persists. It's not normal - as you obviously know. Don't feel silly about seeking advice. Have you been stressed?


Jourdain11 · 03/05/2021 21:16

Not really more than usual, haha. It just seems odd!

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glasgowLil · 03/05/2021 21:30

Hello - that does seem odd. I would ring 111 and see what they think. Do you have any underlying medical conditions? Xx


Coulddowithanap · 03/05/2021 21:47

It does seem odd. Best to get it checked out.


BakedBeansBang · 03/05/2021 21:57

I don’t want to worry you, but pins and needles can be a symptom of certain neurological conditions. Not saying that will be the case with you, but worth getting a medical check-up.


Porcupineintherough · 03/05/2021 22:47

I know its given as the answer to everything these days but you havent had COVID in the last few months have you OP. I have had persistent pins and needles in my hands since 3 months after I first got sick last spring. Only really starting to go away now, nearly a year later.


Axlcat · 03/05/2021 23:04

Please do speak to your GP if you still have this tomorrow. It’s likely nothing but as others have said should be checked to rule anything serious out.


Jourdain11 · 03/05/2021 23:08

Thanks for the advice! I'm hoping it'll just clear up but yes, will seek advice if it doesn't.

I have heard that re Covid - but no, I haven't had it!

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