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Still producing breast milk 18 months later

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Heytheremrsblue · 03/05/2021 00:07

Posting here for traffic, but I squeezed my breast and some milk came out.
I finished breastfeeding my son 18 months ago. I was breastfeeding him for just over a year.

Should I be concerned or is this normal?

OP posts:

TerribleCustomerCervix · 03/05/2021 00:11

Same here- I mix fed for five months and finished about 20 months ago- can still get some milk out of both breasts.

It’s a bit odd!


IsItSafeToBeOptimisticYet · 03/05/2021 00:26

Three years since and sometimes I can still get a little out!


sherrystrull · 03/05/2021 00:35

Two years since I stopped and can still squeeze a few drops!


RachelsHoliday21 · 03/05/2021 00:50

It's normal, and I'm told the longer you bf for, the longer you will have milk for


FuriousFemale · 03/05/2021 00:50

Took me years before mine completely stopped


ToastyFingers · 03/05/2021 05:42

Yup, it's been about 4 years and I can still get the odd drop. Especially if I've been cuddling my baby niece. My breasts never 'filled out' again like they said they would either.


RealMermaid · 03/05/2021 06:58

Go to your doctor. There is a kind of benign tumor of the pituitary gland called a prolactinoma that can cause this. It sounds scary but they're very very treatable with medication and more common than you'd think. Not saying it's definitely that but you really need to get checked out properly just in case.


NoIDontWatchLoveIsland · 03/05/2021 07:01

Usually what you get for quite some months after weaning looks like colostrum.


Heytheremrsblue · 03/05/2021 08:05

Thanks for the replies.

My hormones haven’t felt right recently, I was late for my period last month which is very unusual for me, and when it arrived it was very very heavy. I feel tearful a lot and have angry outbursts. I’m bloated on and off and I feel very PMSy. Had really bad ovulation pain this month too.

OP posts:

Heytheremrsblue · 03/05/2021 08:05

I don’t think it’s perimenopause though as I’m 32.

OP posts:

damnthisvirusandmarriage · 03/05/2021 08:57

I’ve BF and tandem fed for more than 6 years. Stopped maybe 4/6 months ago. Absolutely no milk left at all.

I’ve heard that decongestant can clear it up. I never tried it though.


TheSandgroper · 03/05/2021 09:36

I could squeeze milk out for years. Eventually it began looking really old so obviously production was slowing down and it was just sitting in the ducts.

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