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To know nothing about Canterbury

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tensmum1964 · 02/05/2021 20:36

Sorry not an AIBU but would very much appreciate your opinions. I have to go to Canterbury in Kent for a few days for work in July. I was thinking of adding a few days on to the trip and getting my partner and daughter to meet me there for a short break. Is Canterbury a nice place for a mini break? I was thinking a few nice meals out, trips to the beach , interesting places to visit etc. Anyone know Canterbury well that could share their thoughts. Thank you in advance

OP posts:
Bearnecessity · 03/05/2021 15:25

Gypsy tart......provided by my Kent school on a weekly basis....never liked it then or now.....''tis pure sugar....

Mumdiva99 · 03/05/2021 15:31

How old is your daughter? Crabbing in Whitstable isngreat fun.
A visit to Herne Bay for playground on the front, small arcades (good selection of 2p machines), sandy beach.
Joss Bay or Botany Bay for a beach day.
Broadstairs for full on seaside fun; beach ,arcades, ice cream, parlour.
Margate for the art gallery, Dream Land and food.
Dover Castle or Leeds Castle both a little further away but great day trips.

TillyTopper · 03/05/2021 16:02

I grew up in Canterbury and went to Uni there - I love the City. I went back recently for a day and it was wonderful to look around again. Westgate gardens and towers are lovely - for a walk by the River Stour, Cathedral is amazing, wander through the abbey Enjoy!

pinkchampagne1 · 03/05/2021 16:15

I live in Deal and we visit Canterbury most weekends.
The Abode is a lovely hotel and they were doing a really good offer on Sunday evenings where you could stay in any room overnight, have a lovely 3 course meal and breakfast the following morning for £130!
Howletts Zoo and Wingham wildlife park are definitely worth a visit with the children.
Our favourite restaurant in Canterbury is the Corner House. Amazing food!

Etsylicious · 03/05/2021 16:26

Eating at The Goods Shed is a must - gorgeous food and atmisphete

Etsylicious · 03/05/2021 16:27


Yugi · 03/05/2021 18:26

The river tours are open but the cathedral was shut to visitors when I was there last week. It might open after May17th.

Oh and Gypsy tart is absolutely disgusting to anyone who didn't eat it as school dinners Grin

GreenDahlia · 03/05/2021 19:01

Aahh the Cathedral

stunning ❤️

toconclude · 03/05/2021 19:05


Gypsy tart was a staple of school dinners in the past. I didn't know it was specific to Kent until many years later, when a friend from outside Kent who had heard of it asked me about it. Doubt you'd see it on a school dinner menu today - not a healthy ingredient anywhere near it!

We had this in Surrey for school dinners...
tensmum1964 · 06/05/2021 08:34

Good morning. I had a good look at the surrounding area and have booked a stay in Herne Bay. I liked the idea of being by the sea but with easy access to Canterbury which is about a 20 min drive. I've booked a lovely Air b n b place with Sea views. Do you think I made a good choice? Not knowing the area is making me second guess myself Smile

OP posts:
Yugi · 06/05/2021 09:05

Herne Bay is nice. Just don't plan to drive into Canterbury at rush hour, its not fun.

Canterbury has an excellent park and ride system. £4 to park all day and the buses run about every 8 minutes.

tensmum1964 · 06/05/2021 09:17


Herne Bay is nice. Just don't plan to drive into Canterbury at rush hour, its not fun.

Canterbury has an excellent park and ride system. £4 to park all day and the buses run about every 8 minutes.

Brilliant thank you. It does look lovely from what I've read. I am really looking forward to a short break by the sea. Its been a while.
OP posts:
MrsBroccoliBigHead · 06/05/2021 09:19

Agree, get the park and ride, much less stressful
Go to Canterbury cathedral if you can but go to the gardens at the back. It's like a secret village, it's beautiful, like you've stepped back in time
A punt on the river and then howletts or port Lympne with with the most stunning vista, if you have time drop down to Hythe and get the little railway to dungeness, there's nothing like it
There is almost too much to do. My children love visiting

Mumdiva99 · 06/05/2021 10:37

There's a lovely turkish restaurant on the front in Herne Bay. Also visit the Wallflower Cafe for great vegan food.

There's a lovely trail of carved benches along the front.

You can get the bus into Canterbury or along to Whitstable if you don't want to drive.

Have a lovely stay.

crumpet · 06/05/2021 10:41

@FizzyPink is Café des Ami still there? I remember it well from Uni days in the late 80’s!

FizzyPink · 06/05/2021 10:43

@crumpet yes still there although not reopening until later this month.
I haven’t been in years but used to love the sizzling fajitas and chocolate fondue for desert Grin

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