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To think friend should pay me back?

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ohchristmastree7 · 02/05/2021 19:13

My close friend of around 10 years use to be a beautician but now has another job. She still does a bit of beauty work, mainly with previous clients on the side. I regularly go to her to have beauty treatments done. It was my mother’s birthday back in December and I paid her £60 (she gives me a discount) to do a few treatments (eyebrows, dermaplaning etc). I left it to both of them to arrange the appointment. My mum had been trying to arrange it since mid January but every time she asked her if she was available, she said no and told her she would be in touch but never contacted her. At the end of March I asked her if we could cancel it since it was proving difficult to arrange an appointment, and asked her if she would be happy to refund me.

I think this annoyed her as she said she would but couldn’t for another month until she was paid. I said that was fine as I honestly wasn’t in a rush to get the money back. She still hasn’t refunded me, even though it’s been a month. I have also seen her a couple of times for a catch up and she has shown me the new clothes, make up, home accessories that she’s bought in the last month. Of course she is free to spend her money how she see’s fit, but she clearly has the money to pay me back. I just don’t think she wants to.


OP posts:

hotpatooties1 · 02/05/2021 19:14

YANBU, I'd want my money back too, tricky if she's really a friend though. Surely if she was a good friend she would do the treatments for your mum.


Honeydukesmum · 02/05/2021 19:15

Was she able to do treatments until recently ( are you U.K.?)


themalamander · 02/05/2021 19:16

With people like this, you need to be very direct.

She has no problem treating you badly, so you need to treat her like any other business who did this to you and give her a date to refund you by.


Bluntness100 · 02/05/2021 19:18

Just text her the bank details and say hey can you transfer the money now as will use it to get my mother a different gift.


GreenDahlia · 02/05/2021 19:18

Its May ... get the money back 🌼


CareBear50 · 02/05/2021 19:18

If you regularly get beauty sessions with her.....Next time you book end of session ask her to take the £ off the £60 credit she has. Alternatively, if you feel up to it, have an honest conversation with her....give her a chance to air her views and vice versa. If this is your first 'issue' in ten years it would be good if you could clear the air, otherwise the resentment/unfairness could eat away at your friendship x


themalamander · 02/05/2021 19:18

I've just assumed the OP is in a country where treatments have been allowed.

If you're in the UK then she has an excuse; she hasnt been allowed to do it. Your mum should book for when these are allowed. If your friend isnt planning on doing it, then a refund should be given regardless of covid.


Twickerhun · 02/05/2021 19:19

Sounds like there are some major gaps in your communication. Was she refusing due to lockdowns and the law? Has her business been hit by covid? Did she say what was going on?


Lostinthemail · 02/05/2021 19:19

Could it be she is annoyed that you assumed the discount you get for your own treatments extends to your friends and family? She might not be assertive enough to just say no, but knows you’ll not be in any rush to book anything with her again soon, so she is off the hook?


CareBear50 · 02/05/2021 19:19

PS I think she's a CF


VerityWibbleWobble · 02/05/2021 19:20

If you're uk then they were only allowed to re-open less than three weeks ago.

Maybe she was abiding by lockdown rules?


Bluntness100 · 02/05/2021 19:20

Actually that’s a point. Has your mother been trying to book it in lockdown?


ThatIsMyPotato · 02/05/2021 19:20

I think the mistake was telling her you weren't in a rush to get the money back. I'd ask her if you can have it back by the end of the month.


MyDogIsDrivingMeMad · 02/05/2021 19:24

YANBU. Ask again, and keep asking until she pays you back.


WhereYouLeftIt · 02/05/2021 20:13

She's not your friend. She's all but shouting that at you with her behaviour.


MyGorramShip · 02/05/2021 20:17

It’s only been 3 bloody weeks since beauty treatments were allowed!


DrManhattan · 02/05/2021 20:39

Cheeky f


Rose789 · 02/05/2021 21:02

So your friend has given you a discount on treatments for the last 10 years. You have then asked for the same discount for your mum.
It’s the midst of a global pandemic. Beauticians have not been able to open. She does this on the side of a full time of job.
One of you is a CF- I don’t think it’s your friend


stackemhigh · 02/05/2021 21:04

YANBU, remind her that she owes you the money.


Whitchurch · 02/05/2021 21:07

The price is irrelevant - the beautician set the price and set the discount. Mum has been trying to book since January - Op didn't say when for. An appointment in the future when expecting to be back working would have been nice.
The friend said she'd refund and hasn't.
So who exactly is the CF here? It isn't Op is it?
Op - send her your bank details. I think the friendship didn't mean much to her.


Wrongnamegame4 · 02/05/2021 21:09

So this isnt in uk?


Shoxfordian · 02/05/2021 21:09

She couldn’t have done any treatments from Jan to March assuming you’re in the uk

Remind her you’d like to either book the treatments or have a refund


3CCC · 02/05/2021 21:18

Its only been 3 weeks since beauty parlours reopened

A lot of places I know aren't taking on new clients until all their regulars have been sorted and booked in


AmbientLighting · 02/05/2021 21:39

She should pay you back if she is refusing to do the treatment but if she is unable to then can she just book your mum in

In fact couldnt you just ask her again snd give her the choice to refund you or book in your mum for the treatments

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