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Glass bannister

8 replies

remotecontrol99 · 02/05/2021 13:28

We are currently looking for a new bannister rail. I like the glass and wood combinations. Husband says they will get grubby and finger marked and always look dirty.

Is this the case? Are they a lot more expensive than a normal wooden one. We don't have toddlers so not sure who would touch the glass.

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didireallysaythat · 02/05/2021 13:31

The hand rails are normally wood and the panels glass? That's what we have and the glass is clean, but the wood (painted white) needs to be wiped down (but should be anyway as a surface that gets a lot of contact?)


Davros · 02/05/2021 13:42

MN's "Property/DIY" section could give you good answers


remotecontrol99 · 02/05/2021 14:00

Thanks. I found a similar post on diy but only one answer.

Are they expensive? £3k or are they 6k plus? Google isn't very clear.

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MotherOfGodWeeFella · 02/05/2021 14:01

My parents have this and the glass doesn't get finger marks on it as the wooden rail is what you hold/touch.


remotecontrol99 · 02/05/2021 16:08

Makes sense. Just the cost to persuade him on then.

OP posts:

CoffeeNeeded2019 · 02/05/2021 17:48

Hi Op,

We only have a small section of banister as our stairs curve.
But we have glass in the open bit. We sanded down and repainted original banister. Took spindles out.
Asked a carpenter who was fitting the new doors to cut a piece of wood to the right size & shape that we’d like the glass panel to be and then took that to our local glass shop.

Collected glass a couple of weeks later and fitted ourselves with brackets bought online.

Whole thing done for around £700. And it looks fab, we do have children and do clean the glass every week to clear finger marks but it’s not a particularly onerous task.

Anyway, long way of saying it might not be as expensive as you think.


remotecontrol99 · 02/05/2021 18:01

Thank you coffee

OP posts:

didireallysaythat · 02/05/2021 23:22

We got the glass company to do the templating (actually I think they said they weren't very comfortable with anyone else doing the templating - if they screwed up the dimensions it was then their problem to fix). And despite the fact it was a brand new, boring, stair case which could have been square, there was a 1cm difference in the glass height at the bottom and the top of the stairs. I think we paid around £800 for the stairs and £650 for the landing - all in.

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