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Really bad customer service? Aibu ?

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pinkybool · 30/04/2021 18:49

I placed an order with ASOS last Saturday for over £300 and I have premier delivery so was due Sunday.
Parcel arrived at my local Hermes delivery office and from there no more tracking.
It wasn't loaded on the van and no tracking after 6am.

I contacted ASOS on Monday and they told me they would raise an investigation with Hermes and get back to me within 48 hours.

Wednesday arrived heard nothing.
Contacted them again,was told no investigation had been raised and they would do it and contact me in 48 hours.

In the mean time I emailed Hermes myself and they emailed back saying they had done a full search of depot and my parcel was missing and contact ASOS for refund.

Off I go back on live chat.
ASOS said yes Hermes got back in touch and we have to wait another 4 days incase they deliver your parcel in the mean time.
I explained and showed them the Hermes email saying it was missing etc..
I was told sorry but they've told us they will try to deliver it in 4 days if not we will refund you.
Please contact us next Thursday if not received.

I was annoyed at this point as I've been told it's missing.
Aibu to think this is rubbish service ?

OP posts:

Lockheart · 30/04/2021 18:53

It's been less than a week. What do you expect them to do?

Wait 4 days and then get your refund. Problem solved.


Justmuddlingalong · 30/04/2021 18:53

YANBU to think it's rubbish service. YABU if you order from them again in future. I've no ordering history of Asos but any company that trusts Hermes with their customer satisfaction take the risk that you stop buying from them.


pinkybool · 30/04/2021 18:56

@Lockheart Hermes have said my parcel is missing.
What exactly are they waiting 4 days for?
It to magically appear.
The whole point of having premier delivery is so I receive the items the next day.

OP posts:

PanamaPattie · 30/04/2021 19:01

I suspect someone has stolen your parcel. I doubt you will see it. I don't understand why they don't refund you today. They admit they cannot find it. The tracking info was probably erased by the thief. Bastards.


ImInStealthMode · 30/04/2021 19:03

I ordered a Fitbit from Amazon a couple of weeks ago and it was delivered by Hermes, all fine. That is until I opened the package and realised the watch itself had been nicked and the box put back in Hmm

Thankfully Amazon refunded on the spot, Hermes were not in the slightest bit interested.


sunflowersandbuttercups · 30/04/2021 19:05

I've had this before, but with Royal Mail.

Apparently a "missing" parcel, we had to wait 14 days to see if it would turn up - it didn't. My dad (who had posted the item to me) escalated his complaint and it turned up a couple of days later.

I suspect it was either wedged somewhere, OR someone had stolen it, got paranoid and "found" it before they got reported or discovered.

It may still turn up, but it sounds like you'll get your refund anyway, so I would just wait. You'll either get your order or your money, so there's no real loss to you. I would ask for my postage costs back, though.


Lou98 · 30/04/2021 19:08

@pinkybool I've had that with parcels before though where they've said missing/not received at depot etc and they have actually turned up, must have been missed on a van or not recorded properly or similar.
That will be the reason they want to wait the extra few days as if they refund you and the parcel shows up, I don't think they would be able to get the money/items back off you.

It is a pain when you've spent so much and inconvenient but as PP said, it's been less than a week, if that's their policy there isn't really much else you can do. As it does happen where the parcel can show up I do think it's a fair policy personally.
Although, the original communication with them is definitely not great service, that I do agree


Fieldings15 · 30/04/2021 19:08

Hermes are crap, they managed to "lose" a huge fireguard. Luckily the company we ordered it from sent us another one.


Spiceyornicey · 30/04/2021 19:10

Hermes are a nightmare. And they span the complaints procedure out for months.


amusedbush · 30/04/2021 19:14

Hermes lost my parcel last year. The box was massive and weighed almost 10kg (I’d ordered the same thing before so I know this) so I have no idea how it could just vanish.

The company refused to refund me saying it was Hermes’ problem and Hermes said the parcel hadn’t been insured for the correct amount by the company (over £100) so they couldn’t do anything.

After two months of chasing my money I raised a claim with PayPal. The selling company refused to engage so PayPal automatically ruled in my favour and I got my money back.


northbacchus · 30/04/2021 19:18

ASOS are dreadful, they delivered an item of mine to a closed store then the chat person hung up on me when I asked how they could deliver to a store that wasn't even open!! I think it's worthwhile getting it delivered with their click and collect, but only to stores that you know have long hours!!


noirchatsdeux · 30/04/2021 19:28

Hermes are terrible - I've had 3 parcels 'lost' by them in the last 2 months. I now ask the retailer in advance what delivery service they are using, if it's Hermes or Yodel - forget it.


WhySoSensitive · 30/04/2021 19:31

Took me three weeks to get a jacket I ordered that had been delivered through Hermes.
Turns out the delivery driver was stealing packages and had just gone off the radar.

Annoying thing now is because of where we live, the Hermes delivery person only works every third week. Even if I order next day, it ain’t coming till they’re next working!


Flappityflippers1 · 30/04/2021 19:33

Hermes lost my pram! It took me forever to get my money back too Angry

I did also have this with John Lewis, couldn’t believe that JL would use Hermes. Parcel missing, JL amazing and re-sent with a different courier on next day - that turned up, then a week later the Hermes parcel turned up! Called JL to let them know and they were happy for me to keep both items - amazing service.

Really shit service OP - get your refund in a few days and don’t order from ASOS again.


pinkybool · 30/04/2021 19:50

Just had another email saying after 4 days they will raise a investigation with another department!!!
Hermes have said it's missing
What more do they want?
They don't want to refund do they !

OP posts:

MangosteenSoda · 30/04/2021 21:07

I guess Asos have to communicate with Hermes themselves before refunding.

I’m another voice for Hermes being atrocious. Never had any dealings with them until recently. There was a huge delay between a table I bought being dispatched from La Redoute (purchase place) and registered as arriving at Hermes, then another delay with it being sent for delivery.

I started to chase up, then the next I heard was that Hermes had sent it back to La Redoute. Cue reordering etc etc. Eventually, this morning, I got an email at 10.07am saying they would deliver between 9 and 11am. Three minutes later I received another email saying there was a delay and to wait for another email tomorrow. I followed up on the tracking system and it reported an obstruction to delivery/access at 10.10, literally 3 minutes after the original email saying the item was out for delivery.

I was working in my front room at the time and could see no bloody obstruction whatsoever in the street. Completely normal street which DPD delivered to minutes later.

Can’t believe how shit they are. I’ve received a couple of big items/organised a return for a damaged item from Amazon recently. The delivery service seemed to be an independent outfit and were so organised and great with contact. I’d really think twice before ordering anything with a Hermes delivery again.

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