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I am anxious. Is this IUS?

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HidingInTheFridge · 29/04/2021 22:38

I had the mirena coil fitted in July last year after a surgical termination. I keep getting random period pains and bright red or brown staining blood. This has been going on for the past week/2 weeks. The mirena stopped my period.

I’m so so anxious I’ve got cervical cancer. I have health anxiety and it is making me sick with worry. I’ve only just turned 25 and my smear is booked for may 11th.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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1Morewineplease · 29/04/2021 22:47

Have you spoken to a GP?


HidingInTheFridge · 29/04/2021 22:48

I’m phoning them in the morning. I’m so scared

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LEMtheoriginal · 29/04/2021 22:56

Please don't be scared. It is actually fairly common to have spotting with the mirena, it doesn't stop everyone's period.

It is worth checking in with the gp though as they can move and if they not sitting in the right place the hormone levels are too low and can result in periods returning. This happened to me and i needed it replaced as it can be less effective.

Its very likely to be nothing at all.


HidingInTheFridge · 29/04/2021 22:58

Thank you
I had the HPV vaccine a few years back so I’m hoping I’m somewhat covered

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mamababy1955555 · 29/04/2021 23:24

I had to have Mirena removed as I had loads of ongoing issues with irritation and bleeding. Could definitely be that.

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