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DM always has the same

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kittosmma · 29/04/2021 22:01

I know I'm being completely irrational in my irritation here, but my DM ALWAYS has the same or draws a comparison to anything I say, do, have etc. He does it with my children, my car, my house and today my cat.
For example- I ring DM to tell her DD won a race at school, her stock response is 'she gets it from me' or she says 'DGC ran a race yesterday and ran it faster' (DM is bringing up my SS children).
If I by a car, gets the same or similar one.
If I buy a bbq she gets the same or similar one.
I bought a trampoline, a hot tub, sand pit - it goes on and on.

Any time my DC do something worthy of praise the DGC have done it too.

I got a kitten, she got one.

I know it's really petty. But it makes me stop telling her things. My DC never say anything of what they've achieved as she never says congratulations just 'oh you take after me.' Or 'xyz did that'.

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gamerchick · 29/04/2021 22:06

Or you can have some fun and tell her you've bought something mega and see if she does the same.

Stop telling her anything. Some people are just knobs, family or not.

Personally I think it's some sort of weird jealousy.


kittosmma · 29/04/2021 22:19

I like that idea - now need to think of something.

It's awful though because you should be able to share the nice stuff with your DM. But it gives me the rage. It happens so often if I say anything it feels like I'm telling her off all the time.

I stop telling her anything for a while but then she sees something- a picture or someone else makes a comment and I'm back there again.

OP posts:

Cocomarine · 29/04/2021 22:24

I don’t think you can get upset about a trampoline, hot tub or sandpit - they’re not unusual purchases when you have kids. So what if she got the idea from you? I have a sister like that - she’s lovely, but she seems a bit devoid of ideas so jumps on mine. It’s quite nice because then we swap trampoline chat!

The “gets it from me” crap would irritate me though! I’d bring up a negative thing they’d done /not done too, each time 😉

“X won a race at school!”
“She gets her speed and competitive spirit from me!”
“Aye - she may do. It’s funny seeing her so something quickly when she’s a tortoise at finding her shoes before we go out... another thing from you 🤣”

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