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To ask about your experience of rotavirus vaccine?

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amoobaa · 29/04/2021 22:00

I will of course consult the appropriate medical professionals tomorrow, but I’m keen to hear others’ first hand experiences.

Our eight week old is due his first lot of immunisations tomorrow and I’m dreading it. In particular the rotavirus vaccine.

This is because it seems the side effects can be tummy upset and he already suffers from terrible wind and tummy discomfort on a daily basis.

His farts are frequent, especially when feeding, regardless of whether it’s breast or formula (he is breastfed but has a little formula in the evenings because we are still transitioning to EBF, following on from a difficult delivery where I was unable to get my milk supply up enough to EBF.)

It’s as if he instinctively knows that feeding will help push things through and help get the wind out- he shows signs of wanting to feed and frantically latches on, then immediately begins to fart and settles into the feed/ calms completely.

Anyway, he is our first so not only am I probably quite anxious but I also have no idea what’s normal and what’s not (I know there is no ‘normal’ but I literally have no reference point!)

His farts are like adult farts... people think it’s me farting if he's on my lap! They are incredible- very loud and long...

We’re pretty sure it’s tummy trouble because when he’s upset he pulls his legs up to his tummy and writhes around, cries inconsolably but settles as soon we offer him a feed, as this helps the air come out and/ or he has a bowel movement.

He does this throughout the day and night.

As soon as he feeds and has a bowel movement or passes wind, he settles down absolutely fine. He has at least three substantial dirty nappies during the day.

When he feeds his tummy really gurgles and makes noise.

We also do all the other things we can think of- warm baths, tummy rubs, plenty of burping (he’s good at that), cycling his legs etc etc. The cycling thing really helps him actually.

I guess I have two questions...

Is this amount of wind and tummy trouble normal?


Does anyone have experience of giving their already very windy baby the rotavirus vaccine?

With such a sore little tummy, I guess I’m worried he’ll be more vulnerable to some of the rarer and more severe/ serious side effects.

As I said, I will of course consult the appropriate medical professionals, but I’d love to hear from those with first hand experience.

I imagine we will be told just to give it to him and it’ll be ok, and we want him to have all the protection we can give him so I imagine we will go ahead... but I’m so anxious.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Merryoldgoat · 29/04/2021 22:09

My second DS was almost identical and I discovered a lactose intolerance. I was fobbed off loads. Could you go dairy-free and use lactase (colief) in his bottle and see if that helps.

It took 2 years to realise and I feel terrible but the change was apparent in about 36 hours.


Merryoldgoat · 29/04/2021 22:12

I’d add it was utterly unexpected as our older DS had zero tummy trouble and winded after feeds very easily from birth.


Oly4 · 29/04/2021 22:14

I had two babies like this, it was torture but by six months they were fine. It takes six months for the digestive tract to sort itself out properly as they are so tiny. You are doing the right things but please try not to worry.. very young babies are often this unsettled.
The vaccine made no difference at all to my kids. Definitely get the vaccines


QuestionableMouse · 29/04/2021 22:18

Are his nappies really gross and smell really bad? (I'm not some kind of weirdo, I promise) if so it could be CMPA (Cow's milk protein allergy) which both my nephews had and they both used to fart for England and have the most vile nappies ever. Worth asking about - there are a few prescription formulas that you can use (not sure about it and breast feeding though, sorry!)

They were both a little under the weather for a couple of days after their jabs but it honestly wasn't that big a problem.


DrinkFeckArseBrick · 29/04/2021 22:21

I think the vaccine gave my baby smelly poo for a week but didn't seem to affect wind or anything. Children are hospitalised by the virus every year so even a bit more discomfort from the vaccine is a small price to pay for the protection it offers. My other baby wasnt affected in the same way by it (but did have a temperature and was quite sleepy)


cravingpistachiocake · 29/04/2021 22:23

To answer your question, we didn’t notice any side effects of any kind with the rotavirus. I’m glad we had it, rotavirus gastroenteritis is so common.

Speak to your GP or health visitor about your other concerns?


MaverickDanger · 29/04/2021 22:48

DS is four months so has had both lots recently. I honestly didn’t notice any difference to his nappies etc.

He is a very gassy child, he literally wakes me up with his farts but there was no difference.


AnnaSW1 · 29/04/2021 22:51

I went lactose free when feeding mine who had the same symptoms you describe and it pretty much resolved it. The rotavirus vaccine had no noticeable impact on it.


amoobaa · 30/04/2021 03:17

Thank you so much everyone, it’s really good to hear your thoughts and experiences... and very reassuring to hear I’m not alone with the gassiness!

Whilst I knew I wasn’t alone, I’ve not actually spoken to anyone who’s had a similar experience- another thing covid hasn’t helped with... not being able to meet and mingle with others like we did pre-covid.

@Merryoldgoat @QuestionableMouse @AnnaSW1 thank you for the dairy and lactose reminder... I had been wondering about this. I’m completely dairy free so hopefully that is going to help... but the formula is Cow’s milk- interestingly he managed to go with less formula tonight and he seems a little more settled. But then again he has gone as long as two days and a night with only breast milk and still struggled with his tummy so it’s hard to tell. Not helped by the fact that no health professionals seem keen to discuss milk/ lactose intolerance or sensitivity at this early stage. I say early, but to me it feels like forever- even a short while feels awful to see him in discomfort (especially when you start thinking there might be something you are doing that is causing the problem).

@Oly4 it really does feel like torture, yes! And it’s so reassuring to hear your positive experience with the vaccines... I know everyone is different and I can’t be guaranteed the same experience but it’s so great to know a really gassy baby isn’t necessarily going to have an awful reaction.

@QuestionableMouse his nappies aren’t too bad actually- though I will definitely look into the alternative formulas. It’s frustrating how hard it is to get hold of them compared to the dairy ones... and premixed bottles of dairy free formula seem non existent!

@DrinkFeckArseBrick yes I agree- it sounds like the actual rotavirus is awful so I want to give him all the protection I can... keeping my fingers crossed for a similar experience to you!

@cravingpistachiocake yes I hadn't realised just how common it can be... will definitely go over my concerns with the staff at the GP surgery tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your experience... here’s hoping for a similar experience our end!

@MaverickDanger thank you so much, that’s incredibly reassuring... I never thought that someone telling me that their baby’s farts wake them up would bring me so much relief and reassurance!! Grin Blush ha!! Really hoping we have a similarly good experience.

Thanks again everyone... feeling a lot more hopeful.

OP posts:

Ozgirl75 · 30/04/2021 04:49

Rotavirus is very common and children can be severely ill with it - a friend of mine’s son had to be hospitalised as he was so ill.
So even if the side effects are a bit bad for a few days, it is worth it.
Sorry to hear about the windy babu though, mine was also farty and colicky, it did pass though eventually (although it felt like years at the time!)


Dalooah · 30/04/2021 04:58

My first who was EBF, had incredibly bad reflux. After I gave her the first set of immunisations, including the rotavirus her reflux went into overdrive for about 4 weeks so I declined the second dose as I had read this probably aggravated the situation. I'd weighed up that she probably was at a lower risk as she was breastfed and we didn't have a child at school/nursery who could bring it home where it's apparently usually picked up.
With my second, I refused both doses even though toddler was at nursery a couple of mornings a week because second was also EBF.


110APiccadilly · 30/04/2021 04:58

DD was clingy and wanted to feed a lot the next day so I assume she didn't quite feel right. However, she's reasonably windy/colicky and I didn't notice any difference in that after the vaccine.


Subordinateclause · 30/04/2021 05:15

My friend thought her baby might have CMPA because he had really dodgy poos. Turned out it was actually caused by rotavirus itself! Not sure how it was eventually diagnosed. My baby just had a couple of slightly wetter dirty nappies after the vaccine.


NotTheNews · 30/04/2021 05:42

My baby wasn't overly windy but the rotavirus vaccine did give him some disgusting nappies for about a week. I wore disposable gloves to change him for the first few days. I hope it all goes ok for you and your little one.


ForgedInFire · 30/04/2021 05:48

I have 3 children and none of them have ever had any side effects from their vaccines. Sorry I don't have any advice for your little one but I hope it settles down soon for you


QuestionableMouse · 30/04/2021 06:52

It just doesn't keep in the same way unfortunately and starts to go really horrible very quickly due to the formula.


Xiaoxiong · 30/04/2021 07:02

Even if there are some side effects it's better than getting rotavirus. DS1 was hospitalised with rotavirus at the age of 11 months in Kenya and the doctors were horrified to find that he hadn't been vaccinated. I got a very stern telling off by the doctor and senior nurse who just couldn't believe that it wasn't standard in the UK to get it at the time, and also not advised by the FO. It had been standard in Kenya for years to get the vaccination. By the time DS2 came along the vaccine had been introduced and he had it, he had a couple of stinky nappies afterward but that's all. Trust me rotavirus is no joke, DS1 was shrinking before our eyes with dehydration and it was coming out both ends while he was hooked up to drips to keep him hydrated in a hospital crib. Before the vaccine was introduced it accounted for 18,000 admissions per year with D&V in the UK so it happens here too.


Iminaglasscaseofemotion · 30/04/2021 07:03

My third was the same. She's 12 weeks now but the writhing around was unreal and the wind. I tried to feed her myself but couldn't. Eventually after being dismissed by the health visitor and doctor, I put her on to lactose free milk. I also changed her mam bottles to Dr brown bottles. The wind got almost instantly better. Still facts but nowhere near as much.
She also has bad reflux so still wrestles around because of that though.

She had her rota virus a few weeks ago. She seems a bit more crabbit than usual, and her poo was a bit runner for a while, but she doesn't poo often. I on the other hand must has kissed her or something, because that night I had terrible stomach pains and couldn't get off the toilet (although I was really careful because I remember it happening with my second aswell, but obviously I wasn't careful enough!) I'm sure she probably felt even worse than me, but she was pretty good considering.


mayblossominapril · 30/04/2021 07:06

My first was like your ds and he turned out to have cmpa. No hcp would do anything about it until he was 12 months old. I was bf and gave up dairy and it sorted he stomach pain and wind. He still suffer so from
Cmpa at 3 years!
Rotavirus vaccines was fine for both of mine. The nappies were a bit looser but nothind extreme. It is a live vaccine so anyone changing the nappies can catch it if they are not careful.
I did give calpal immediately after the jabs because the meningitis one always gave mine a temp for a couple of days.
Being in hospital with an ill baby is awful and much worse for the baby than the after effects off a vaccine. I refused to let them canulate my dd after the 2 failed attempt and they’d already attempted and failed the day before and told them they would have to do intramural muscle injections instead. At least we would we get the antibiotics in even though they were very painful for her.


Pinkflipflop85 · 30/04/2021 07:09

My dd had epic farts, constant tummy trouble and painful wind. She had an undiagnosed tongue tie and was taking on huge amounts of air every time she fed!


GeorgieMilo · 30/09/2022 22:19

Good evening
Anyone having serious side effects as blood and mucus in stools post rotavirus vaccine? I went back to the GP and she told me that I should only worry of the blood will be more than the amount of stools. My baby is only 10 weeks old..


Daisymae55 · 30/09/2022 23:44

DD (now 6 months) had terrible tummy trouble, I tried all sorts and nothing help, but by about 4.5 months she’d outgrown it - they often do and I know the wait feels long and painful but it does get much better! I took her to the dr and got advice on potential CMPA but so far everyone has said no it was just wind. I’m still not convinced but her wind is a lot better and she doesn’t cry in pain like she used to!

in regards to the rotavirus vaccine, it didn’t really affect her wind/nappies etc but the main thing was she went off her milk for about a week so it was clearly bothering her tummy (no problems with her formula prior to this, may also be one of the other vaccines she had). Her second dose of rotavirus at 12 weeks had no negative effect on her


amoobaa · 01/10/2022 05:23

@GeorgieMilo how is your baby?

I can’t believe the GP said that. Go back and speak to a different GP, or if you feel more comfortable call 111 and speak to them for advice.

Passing blood was the one thing I was told to look out for.

This is the info and advice online:

Most infants who get rotavirus vaccine have no problems. Infants are slightly more likely to be irritable, or to have mild, temporary diarrhea or vomiting after a dose of rotavirus vaccine.

There is also a small risk of intussusception from rotavirus vaccination, usually within a week after the first or second dose.

What Are the Signs of Intussusception in Infants?

For intussusception, look for signs of stomach pain along with severe crying. Early on, these episodes could last just a few minutes and come and go several times in an hour. Babies might pull their legs up to their chest. A baby might also vomit several times or have blood in the stool, or could appear weak or very irritable. These signs would usually happen during the first week after the first or second dose of rotavirus vaccine, but look for them any time after vaccination.

If you think it is intussusception, call a doctor right away. If you can’t reach your doctor, take your baby to a hospital. Tell them when your baby got the rotavirus vaccine.

OP posts:

amoobaa · 01/10/2022 05:27

@Daisymae55 thank you for your reply 😊

He’s 19 months now and it’s so surreal reading back the post I wrote all those months ago. I think I’ve blocked most of it out!

I hope this post helps others in a similar situation. He was totally fine with the vaccine, just a bit of an upset tummy and he has completely outgrown the wind situation! 😅

OP posts:

amoobaa · 01/10/2022 05:32

Actually, it’s all coming back to me now… he got horrible tummy issues… we were sent to the hospital but they ruled out anything serious like intussusception and he was diagnosed with reflux. We were given gaviscon. Can’t believe I blocked that out!

He was totally fine though and outgrew the tummy/ reflux.

OP posts:
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