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I feel so pathetic

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user8690437 · 28/04/2021 20:04

I broke down at work today over something really minor. I feel so embarrassed and pathetic.
I have a scan tomorrow on a lump I found which is why I was so upset but no-one at work knows this.
I feel so stressed 😢

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BraveGoldie · 28/04/2021 20:08

Oh OP, sounds like a horrible day- I am sorry and you must be so worried about the lump. 😞.... here's hoping it's nothing serious, as most lumps aren't.,

Unless people at work are utter bastards, then they will just feel concern for you. Can you tell them what's upsetting you? I am sure they would understand.

Sending. Daffodil


PinkCookie11 · 28/04/2021 20:13

Oh I’m so sorry op Daffodil

Please don’t feel stupid about what happened at work!
If it makes you feel better I broke down once, sobbed my way off the office floor. It happens, people realise you have genuine reasons to break down and only feel for you, nothing bad to say of it. Even if they don’t say anything at all.

Sending lots of love and good luck for tomorrow❤️


ScarlettDarling · 28/04/2021 20:19

Oh you poor thing. Try not to waste any more time worrying about what happened at work. I’ll bet none of your colleagues are still thinking about it so just let it go.

Best of luck for your scan tomorrow 🤞


rainbowthoughts · 28/04/2021 20:21

Ah, not pathetic at all. You have a lot on your mind and went to work to do your best - hope all goes well for you. Try not to worry too much about work, the people are of minor importance in your life


MadeOfStarStuff · 28/04/2021 20:31

It’s not pathetic, it’s human!

Unless your colleagues are all horrible people, I’m sure they would just be concerned for you. You cried. You didn’t hurt anyone and it’s honestly not the end of the world. I can’t actually think of many people I work with who haven’t had a stress induced meltdown at work at some point! (Whether work stress, personal stress or usually a combination of the two).

Hope the scan comes back okay for you Flowers

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