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AIBU neighbours in house?

27 replies

2bamum · 13/11/2007 20:31

Quick name change!
New neighbours moving in they want access to our house one weekday 3 weeks before Christmas because thay want to have work done and it involves checking it from our side!
The work is entirely optional (they are installing something and will not be without heating/hot water etc)

Thing is we both work full time neither of us wants to take a day off to wait in for their workman, and the days we do have off we have plans for (family birthday and Christmas shopping)
AIBU if I say it doesn't really suit and if pushed give them date in the New Year?

OP posts:

Carmenere · 13/11/2007 20:33

Well I would just give them a spare key and tell them to let themselves in when they need to but then I'm nice


belgo · 13/11/2007 20:35

We have great neighbours, and they've helped us out loads in the past, so I would trust them.


NotQuiteCockney · 13/11/2007 20:35

Dunno, depends how they're asking, I guess. I'm guessing you don't have a cleaner or anyone like that who can wait in and give them access, who you trust? And I'm guessing, as they're new, you don't know them, so don't trust them in your house?

Thing is, they're your new neighbours, so a good start to the relationship is a good idea, if at all possible ...


Desiderata · 13/11/2007 20:35

You do know these people, I trust? I mean, they're not going to gain access to your house three weeks before Christmas and nick all your prezzies, are they?

Have they moved in yet?


Sobernow · 13/11/2007 20:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ineedacleaner · 13/11/2007 20:36

Ok it is not essential but I think for me it would ultimately depend on what it is. I am kind of live and let live really and like to help out my neighbours if I can and hope that they would do the same.
I think again dependant on what it is I would try and fins a way of accomodating them.


mamazon · 13/11/2007 20:38

tehy are your nieghbours and i would imagine its best to remain on good terms, maybe you could be great friends in time to come.

i would say that we weren't able to be there but if they really needed the work doing we could leave them a key.

that way you are saying your really friendly nice folk but that you can't sit in and wait. its up to them then if they want to be trusted with your home.


mabelmurple · 13/11/2007 20:39

Do you have to stay in all day? Couldn't you ask them to phone you or dh at work when the workmen arrive and are ready to do the inspection? You don't want to get off on the wrong foot, and it may be you needing access to their side one day!


roisin · 13/11/2007 20:43

We did this, actually, and I didn't flinch.

Very new neighbours were having something done to the chimney, and they needed to check it from our fireplace as well.

We were both going to be out, so we just left them the key.

After all, they had just paid £xxx xxx for a house nextdoor to us, we didn't think they would be about to nick all our stuff ... I mean it would be a bit obvious, wouldn't it. And they could hardly do a disappearing act.

If you are that worried about it, could you choose that day as your Christmas shopping day, and just pop in during the day to check up on them?


SaintGeorge · 13/11/2007 20:44

What work are they having done that it needs checking from your side?


SEME · 13/11/2007 20:45


Put yourselves in their position,look they are not asking for the keys are they?

It is your suggestion to give it to them, so you must trust them already, subconsciously.


2bamum · 13/11/2007 20:45

No not moved in yet I rather get the impression they don't intend to be there either!
Really not happy to give them the key, no pressies worth nicking I'm afraid, but this is central London how do I know their workmen wont leave our front door open or not lock it up properly? (that would invalidate our insurance)
Absolutely not possible to get home during the day on a working day, I have enough trouble trying to take my lo to the Dr or getting up to school for things I want to be there for never mind waiting in for someones' workman.
We're not staying here long term (or even short term) so sorry not actually that bothered about becomming buddies

OP posts:

2bamum · 13/11/2007 20:47

We live in central London takes hours to get anywhere especially in the run up to Christmas so no popping anywhere.

OP posts:

SaintGeorge · 13/11/2007 20:47

So you would be leaving the keys with workmen then?

I wouldn't do it.


Carmenere · 13/11/2007 20:48

Well tell them no then and perpetuate the lonely cycle of Londoners ignoring their neighbours.
Obviously it is totally unreasonable for them to ask you to take time off work but it would be nice to offer them your key on the proviso that they supervise the workmen.
Your call though.......


BettySpaghetti · 13/11/2007 20:51

Could they get the work done at the weekend (when you could be around) ?


TheStepfordChav · 13/11/2007 21:00

Sounds as if it would be awkward for them to leave the checking until the New Year.

Explain that you're not happy about workmen having your key; could they do the checking in the evening, or as Betty says, at the weekend? Or do the checking first thing, before work, the next day, when you are there?

Is best if you try to find a compromise with them


2bamum · 13/11/2007 21:00

lol carmenere so true.
thinking about this I don't know them the impression I got was that they would be leaving keys with their workmen since they weren't going to be there
leaving keys also total PITA we need more copies cut so would have to play swapsies with ea.
I think I've decided after reading these that we'll just say sorry not until one weekend in the NY!
(I am soooo busy and stressed and have so way too much work on to want to deal with this)

OP posts:

2bamum · 13/11/2007 21:01

Yeah agree Stepfordchav (lovely name)

OP posts:

TheStepfordChav · 14/11/2007 21:34

Thanks. Not sure it actually gives an accurate impression of me


beeper · 14/11/2007 21:41

What goes around.....comes around.....its sods law that even though you do not forsee a potential time when you need your new neighbours.....I can virtually gaurantee that you will very soon after you say NO to thier request.

Love your neighbour as yourself.

Treat others as you would wish to be treated.

Quotes From the bible (it rocks)


Lazarou · 14/11/2007 21:46

Is there nobody you know that would be willing to sit in your house for just one day while they do what needs to be done?


Freckle · 14/11/2007 21:49

Hmm, I'm all for helping neighbours, but I do think they should be helping themselves too. They seriously expect you to hand over your key to workmen whom you have never met and have no reason to trust (or distrust, but hey), but are not prepared to take time off work to oversee said workmen?

I would tell them that you are happy to let them have access to your property on condition that they remain in charge of the key, remain on site whilst the workmen are there and ensure the property is adequately secured when they leave.


claraenglish · 14/11/2007 22:05

Message withdrawn


helenhismadwife · 15/11/2007 15:10

sorry but no way I would hand over keys to my home to a complete stranger, if it was the new neighbour then yes possibly but this is workmen the OP has no idea who they are, they are not contracted by her and surely wont be insured if they do happen to damage anythng in her home while they are in and out checking. Also if you are broken into the police will want to know who has keys to your house, ummm well my neighbours builder does I dont know them will go down well with insurers. The neighbour should work round the OP not the other way round

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