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To feel like a failure?

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Createcomets · 28/04/2021 13:28

So I'm struggling atm with feeling like I've failed. And I just can't get my head around it.

I'm trying to set up a business, and look after my son (first child, 7 months). I don't have any childcare, and I'm working nap times, evenings...any time I can to try and start getting some money in. I've always wanted this business and when I had to leave my big career job in London, it made sense to try and set this's hard and I'm not in profit yet, but I'm getting there. I'm also trying to help my husband who is looking at buying the business he works for.

Anyway, I'm starting to feel really insecure since starting to go to baby groups and meet other mums. Every mum I've met has loads of money for childcare, brand new car, loads of family help....I feel like I've failed a bit. And even though I believe in myself most of the time it still gets to me when I go to a baby group and meet other mums who seem so much better off than me.

Anyone else ever felt like this? Do I maybe need to try different groups?

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MilduraS · 28/04/2021 13:36

Depends on how you choose to measure success. I know some people who would be miserable unless they had large incomes, it's what makes them happy (despite the stressful jobs) so their lives are successful. Equally I've met some bitter rich people who will never have enough, those ones are hardly a success. I work in an average admin job and I'm happy with that I've got.

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