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AIBU to be furious that this isn’t illegal?

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YetAnotherHastyNameChange · 28/04/2021 13:20

During Covid myself and another few mums in my area have been visiting and delivering food parcels to elderly people whose families have been unable to visit. During this time I’ve made some really good friends with some of the old ladies and now the dc are back at school I’ve been still visiting a couple of them to help out and have a catch up and chat with them.

One particular lady is really lovely, absolutely hilarious but quite frail and her house really is a tip. Her family who live a distance away pay for a cleaner to go in weekly but as the lady is always there she never lets the cleaner actually do much other than the bathroom and all the books and stuff she’s hoarded for years is still piled up everywhere. A couple of weeks ago her family collected her and took her back to their house now restrictions have eased and booked the cleaner to go in as normal but hoping she could throw a few bits out - really not important things but there’s stacks of magazines from the 90’s, endless Tupperware that doesn’t match and the owner really won’t notice when she returns.

Anyway, cleaner goes in a discovers lots of things have been moved around so phones family to see if it’s them. It’s not them but they find out some internet blogger who visits ‘abandoned places’ has broken in somehow, dressed up in her clothes, sat on her bed, took loads of photos of all her possessions and posted it all online as a ‘time capsule house’. Family contact police who claim no laws have been broken as there’s no sign of a break in and he is claiming to have been invited in. Lady is now hugely embarrassed as everyone has seen what a mess she lives in and is refusing to come home again.

Having looked at this mans page he’s been going all round my local area and letting himself into people’s caravans, abandoned schools, loads of houses which he claims are abandoned but quite possibly just second homes that haven’t been visited for a while, taking photos in through people’s windows of houses that are clearly lived in, going into farms and photographing all the barns with animals, machinery that could be stolen, broke into a Victorian cinema that is currently being rebuilt by volunteers but is in a dodgy area so will now almost certainly just get trashed.

How is this not illegal? Why is he allowed to do this? So many people have complained on his page that he’s been in their barn/ photographing their dining room while they were out etc. and he just blocks them from the page.

He’s getting loads of views on these pages so more and more people are going to start doing this, surely? I find it outrageous behaviour and can’t believe the police won’t intervene.

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WiddlinDiddlin · 28/04/2021 16:41

I would think any of the organisations/forums of UrbEx'ers would out this person without hestitation, thats NOT what UrbEx is about in the slightest.

How horrid :(

AntiHop · 28/04/2021 16:42

OP I would contact your local council adult safeguarding team and the local councillor. It is fine to do this even if you are not family. I wonder if the local council could use a community protection notice.

MirandaBlu · 28/04/2021 16:50


In the US that would be illegal - breaking and entering if in a building and trespass if filmed through windows or in unlocked barns, etc. Occupied or not, property is owned by someone and if the owner is not you, you cannot enter. All that is required is a sign that says "Private Residence".

And in some US states, it would be legal to shoot to kill if the owner or tenant returned and found him there.

If he's trying to become famous off of this activity, loads of people pointing out what an arsehole he is and urging a boycott could help. Or tip him off to an "empty" house and booby-trap it. Or let his mum know what he's up to so she changes the Wifi password.
StrugglingWFH · 28/04/2021 17:01

Not much shocks me these days but this is horrific! Poor lady! This may not be illegal but morally it's wrong, poor lady having her privacy invaded like this. I'm horrified.

ChekhovsWorkshoppedShooter · 28/04/2021 17:19


What nonsense. If he's been breaking into houses belonging to old people then of course its a police matter. Somebody has got their wires crossed here.

Which crime is he committing Viviennemary? Repeated entry to the same house could fall under harassment, but as a one off it would be a stretch.

The problem with blanket criminalising trespass is that that would mean criminalising squatting of genuinely abandoned buildings, which would be a controversial move.

Not defending him as a person in any way, he seems to be a nasty little scrote.
ProperVexed · 28/04/2021 17:22

Unfortunately, as others have said, this isn't a crime...but it might be the civil offence of trespass. So it could be taken through civil courts by a solicitor...Therefore suing him for trespassing. But not through criminal courts by the police.
The police can only work within criminal laws that they are given by government. Burglary is complex.

Appledrop · 28/04/2021 17:37

It looks like under the discussion tab on his youtube channel that people have complained in the past few months but judging by the new videos added after there comments looks like nothing has happened and he is carrying on as normal without a care.

PerkingFaintly · 28/04/2021 17:41

So he's claiming he believed it was "an abandoned place", but at the same time the occupant "invited him in"?

He's not even doing a good job of lying, is he?

HedgePutty · 28/04/2021 17:47

Criminal things he’s done are stalking/harassment putting her house on the internet. She can bring a civil trespass prosecution.

He’s a super fucking arsehole.

I would go to the press to name and shame or mp

Jijithecat · 28/04/2021 17:47

OP I'm not sure where this stands legally but as is often the case in policing whoever the incident lands with it may be dealt with differently from person to person. Even if it wasn't a criminal offence I would like to think that an officer would at least have a word with this individual and tell them that they can't do this.
Try speaking to the neighbourhood team that cover the area, you should be able to find details on the internet as they are likely to take a different viewpoint to a response officer trying to deal with lots of different occurrences at the same time. Or as other posters have said have a word with a local councillor and ask for them to take it forward.

UnderTheSkyInsideTheSea · 28/04/2021 17:52

Absolute scum. Angry Angry Angry

I hope that everyone realise, though, that by viewing his ‘content’ (I loathe that word and the concept!), you’re driving views and therefore ad revenue his way.

It’s absurd that it’s not illegal to enter someone’s home/ property without their consent. The bill the govt are trying to push though at the moment will criminalise someone parking on public or private land, FFS - how can it be legal to just rock up in someone’s bedroom, when you can (soon) be prosecuted for declining to move from a public layby??

KisstheTeapot14 · 28/04/2021 17:54

Do we know the date he posted the cup of tea photo?

Appledrop · 28/04/2021 17:57

You could also get into contact with the person on his youtube channel that has said he has done it to him, just click on the discussion tab on this idiots youtube page and see if you can make contact. Make sure to click show more of his message as not all of it is shown without doing so. I'm gobsmacked that this sort of thing goes on.

KisstheTeapot14 · 28/04/2021 18:01

Mid April

Feel free to comment and share

Adventures of Birdman FB

KisstheTeapot14 · 28/04/2021 18:04

County Council Safeguarding Team I'd say.

Police may take a firmer line if they are approached via this route.

One would hope.

BlueVelvetStars · 28/04/2021 18:06

Im shocked that this is a 'thing' .. so disrespectful.

MissConductUS · 28/04/2021 18:06

As an American it's hard for me to fathom that if someone is on your property without permission that you can't just ring the police and have them removed.

BlueVelvetStars · 28/04/2021 18:06


As an American it's hard for me to fathom that if someone is on your property without permission that you can't just ring the police and have them removed.

PheasantPlucker1 · 28/04/2021 18:08

I can not believe the police are not doing anything!

If I was to go sit in a police officers house I bet they would suddenly find a way to make it illegal

HST58 · 28/04/2021 18:16

Ah, urbex.

The twat isn't called Wayne is he OP?

I had a go at a self professed 'urbexor' the other month. He gained entry into an old funeral parlour and photographed what he claimed to be human remains (ashes) sitting in a disused fridge.

Said twat then went to the daily mail to sell his story thus ensuring other twats know where it is and where to go.

Your poor friend. I would be so upset too.

Avonandice · 28/04/2021 18:39

Do the National Trust know he was in there? He has photographic proof after all

Mistlewoeandwhine · 28/04/2021 18:51

For once, I hope that the papers get hold of this story. He’s nothing more than a burglar.

BatleyTownswomensGuild · 28/04/2021 18:56

Agree about contacting local authority safeguarding team. If nothing else, beefing up the security on this poor lady's home might help her state of mind. Poor woman. Can't imagine how distressed she must be feeling.

Seriously though, what a fucking scumbag. I'm not generally someone who screams 'name and shame' but this twat deserves a whole load of shame heaped upon his social media channels.

Tiktokersmiracle · 28/04/2021 19:00

It's not this lot on tiktok is it?

I don't see the fascination with trespassing in potentially dangerous properties. What if they have an accident?

YetAnotherHastyNameChange · 28/04/2021 19:14

tiktokers no, it’s just one guy and not a big account like that. He’s got FB and YouTube, not sure about anything else.

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