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AIBU to be furious that this isn’t illegal?

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YetAnotherHastyNameChange · 28/04/2021 13:20

During Covid myself and another few mums in my area have been visiting and delivering food parcels to elderly people whose families have been unable to visit. During this time I’ve made some really good friends with some of the old ladies and now the dc are back at school I’ve been still visiting a couple of them to help out and have a catch up and chat with them.

One particular lady is really lovely, absolutely hilarious but quite frail and her house really is a tip. Her family who live a distance away pay for a cleaner to go in weekly but as the lady is always there she never lets the cleaner actually do much other than the bathroom and all the books and stuff she’s hoarded for years is still piled up everywhere. A couple of weeks ago her family collected her and took her back to their house now restrictions have eased and booked the cleaner to go in as normal but hoping she could throw a few bits out - really not important things but there’s stacks of magazines from the 90’s, endless Tupperware that doesn’t match and the owner really won’t notice when she returns.

Anyway, cleaner goes in a discovers lots of things have been moved around so phones family to see if it’s them. It’s not them but they find out some internet blogger who visits ‘abandoned places’ has broken in somehow, dressed up in her clothes, sat on her bed, took loads of photos of all her possessions and posted it all online as a ‘time capsule house’. Family contact police who claim no laws have been broken as there’s no sign of a break in and he is claiming to have been invited in. Lady is now hugely embarrassed as everyone has seen what a mess she lives in and is refusing to come home again.

Having looked at this mans page he’s been going all round my local area and letting himself into people’s caravans, abandoned schools, loads of houses which he claims are abandoned but quite possibly just second homes that haven’t been visited for a while, taking photos in through people’s windows of houses that are clearly lived in, going into farms and photographing all the barns with animals, machinery that could be stolen, broke into a Victorian cinema that is currently being rebuilt by volunteers but is in a dodgy area so will now almost certainly just get trashed.

How is this not illegal? Why is he allowed to do this? So many people have complained on his page that he’s been in their barn/ photographing their dining room while they were out etc. and he just blocks them from the page.

He’s getting loads of views on these pages so more and more people are going to start doing this, surely? I find it outrageous behaviour and can’t believe the police won’t intervene.

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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EveningOverRooftops · 28/04/2021 14:56


I've been a member of urban exploring forums for years (my personal interest is abandoned mines) . It used to be quite unheard of but unfortunately with the ever increasing amounts of FB groups and YouTubers/instagramers there's been an explosion of interest in it.

Urban explorers used to be extremely cagey about giving out locations and leaving everything as it was found and certainly wouldn't break into an occupied house

Unfortunately now there are loads of to totally unscrupulous people involved, they give out locations willy-nilly and even post them online or post pics that are instantly recognisable so people can find them easily. This has lead to lots of very good locations being absolutely trashed. It's disgusting.

Yep and there’s certain groups where new locations are found. Posts hidden/made private by top lot, they hit the sites and then stuff mysteriously ends up on eBay.

I had my own source for my visits (a friend who own a redevelopment company) so I got to shoot some amazing places with days of access with the caveat I could only post publicly interior shots and in most cases I had to wait for a development to be complete or well underway. So some of my stuff I was sat in for 18mths or so until I could publish. It was well worth it though.

Wish I could go back to that tbf but carer so I can’t indulge like I used to.
VettiyaIruken · 28/04/2021 14:57

Hey potential burglars, look at all this stuff in this currently empty house. 🙄
It should be stopped

YouJustFoldItIn · 28/04/2021 14:57

Abandoned factories, schools, hospitals etc is one thing, and even genuinely abandoned homes I suppose, if it's obvious they are empty and derelict. But he's not doing that, is he? He's burgling basically. Just because he doesn't smash a window and leave with the telly can't make it okay in law.

Sexnotgender · 28/04/2021 14:58

What an absolute prick. YANBU at all.

GerryManderson · 28/04/2021 14:58

Tbh I would kick up a huge fuss about this on local FB pages, NextDoor etc. and shame the police into taking action. They are the ones who can stop it.

ChekhovsWorkshoppedShooter · 28/04/2021 14:59


Breaking and entering is illegal

Not of itself in England. Needs to be damage to property or contents, or theft / intended theft.

Just walking through the door, taking photos, not a criminal act AFAIK

Surely this depends entirely on whether the house was locked up and entry was forced? I can't beleive it's okay to access someone's home by forcing a door or window, breaking a window or lock or getting a ladder to climb up to an open window for example, as opposed to just trying the front door, finding it unlocked and wandering in.

Forcing a lock so that it doesn’t work any more or breaking a window are criminal damage. Climbing up a ladder and in through an open window is not - that is only a criminal offence if you are doing it in order to commit another crime.

That’s not the same as it being OK - there are civil law recourses, but the injured party has to take action, not the police.
fuzzyduck1 · 28/04/2021 14:59

Find out where he lives and do the same to him.

FeatheredHope · 28/04/2021 15:01

Could you talk local councillors and get them involved? Also get it out there on social
Media and even your local papers?

SunshineCake · 28/04/2021 15:01

That has given me the creeps. Another way a man is violating a woman and he gets away with it Angry.

diddl · 28/04/2021 15:02

I should imagine that it's more that the poor lady is scared to go home now.

MissConductUS · 28/04/2021 15:07

You really need stronger trespassing laws in the UK.

YouJustFoldItIn · 28/04/2021 15:10

just had to click on that photo you posted of that guy sitting in his chair, right click and do a search photo. If you then click on images you see it linked.

Arrghh...what do you mean search photo? When I do right click I just get copy/share/add to photos.

ZeroFuchsGiven · 28/04/2021 15:10

Can Someone pretty please message me his page?

PussGirl · 28/04/2021 15:11

What a scumbag Sad Angry

PussGirl · 28/04/2021 15:12

A link to his page would be good not that we could swamp it or anything

RaspberryCoulis · 28/04/2021 15:12

Add me to the list of "i cannot believe this isn't illegal".

OP I would write to your MP, and get everyone else local to write to him/her too, asking them to raise a private member's bill about this.

There is just NO reason why anyone should enter someone else's home in this manner.

Just disgusting.

YouJustFoldItIn · 28/04/2021 15:13

yes me too, life's too short to be fannying around trying to work out how to 'seach photo.'

Slub · 28/04/2021 15:13

This is one thread that I would like to see picked up by The Daily Fail/ Loose Women/ This Morning et al.
Absolutely fucking disgusting waste of oxygen that scrote is Angry

ZeroFuchsGiven · 28/04/2021 15:13


yes me too, life's too short to be fannying around trying to work out how to 'seach photo.'

I copied the photo and used reverse search but it only brings up this thread!
SnottyLottie · 28/04/2021 15:14

One of the few times I’m hoping the Daily Mail pick a MN thread up!

Thesearmsofmine · 28/04/2021 15:14

It’s called The Birdman Adevntures on Facebook.

Thesearmsofmine · 28/04/2021 15:14


Sparrowfeeder · 28/04/2021 15:15

Disgusting! Please share his details...

YouJustFoldItIn · 28/04/2021 15:15

So if you think there is an intruder in your house and he's climbed through your bedroom window at 3 am there's no point calling the police because they'll say 'Sorry madam but until he rapes you/steals anything he hasn't actually committed a crime. Call us back if he does.' Hmm

Sacreblue · 28/04/2021 15:16

Not surprised she doesn’t want to go back - no matter wether he took any property or not - my main concern would be if he left anything - namely commonly available mini cameras or microphones.

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