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Thorpe Park

12 replies

Popfan · 26/04/2021 18:03

Thinking of going to Thorpe Park on bank holiday Monday. Is that mad? Has anyone been recently and if so what is it like with the covid restrictions?

OP posts:

Throwaway999 · 26/04/2021 18:23

Are there tickets available? You’ll need to book in advance and it may already be full


Mindymomo · 26/04/2021 18:25

They only have a limited amount of tickets each day. A friend of mine has been trying to get tickets since they reopened.


sunflowersandbuttercups · 26/04/2021 18:26

I suspect it's probably been booked up for weeks.


Popfan · 26/04/2021 18:31

I've put in details to book and got as far as payment as I wanted to check availability and it seems ok.... unless it's going to tell me on payment there are no tickets available!

OP posts:

Ladymouse · 26/04/2021 18:33

I think its been book up for a while but a friend of mine who went said it was a nightmare. As soon as you get through the gate covid restrictions disappear she said it was the same at Legoland although they haven't opened all the rides up (indoor ones still closed). The ques are also ridiculously long.


upsydaisyssinging · 26/04/2021 18:35

I've been, it was really fun! Masks on rides and indoors and they take your temperature on the way in. Otherwise it's pretty similar to normal.


GameSetMatch · 26/04/2021 18:58

Based on the fact I took the children to the zoo yesterday and there was a half hour queue to see the giraffes I’m going to say you are mad for even entertaining the idea.


Quartz2208 · 26/04/2021 19:31

In terms of Covid fairly strict inside but outside people do not distance in queues but that didnt bother me

But queues were long. In 4 hours DD and DH went on Nemesis and Collussus. DS and I did 2 small rides when they were on Nemesis and then queued and ate hot dogs (the hot dog queue was very long)


willstarttomorrow · 26/04/2021 19:35

School training days are the best time to visit any theme park, unless you want to pay to queue for longer than you are on rides.


PaolaNeri · 26/04/2021 19:46

We went yesterday and in terms of volume of people, it was not as busy as I have seen it. My dc get the ride access pass so can't tell you how long ride queues were, but heard an announcement for Nemesis saying waiting was 100 minutes! If you download the app it shows you the queue times, so will give you an idea.

There was a queue to go in for bag search/body scanner, but it moved quickly. More people wore masks than I saw last year. Queues for all food was long, possibly looking worse due to distancing.


Popfan · 26/04/2021 20:45

We aren't going to go... covid or no covid, bank holidays in theme parks are always awful! It was just an idea as I felt like we should do something!!! Thanks all for the replies!

OP posts:

Quartz2208 · 27/04/2021 13:31

I would say that is a good call if you were paying for tickets (we have Merlin passes) as you would spend a lot of time queuing

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