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To think that Next socks are appalling this year and that I should have a full refund.

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wannabeeot · 26/04/2021 07:04

I purchased three packs of Next socks at £10 each a couple of months ago, I don't usually get them from there but they have pairs where the footbeds have a pattern so easy to differentiate between mine and my sons' black socks.
The 15 pairs plus others I have in my sock drawer have been worn in a normal rotation so not excessive where yet nearly every pair either has a hole or is wearing thin. In comparison, I have Marks and Spencer socks that are several years old and not a single sign of wear.

I emailed a complaint about quality, I got an auto-response saying they would reply in 4 days. Two weeks later - nothing. So after a chase, they offered me a 25% discount. Is it me or is that not good enough?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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ItsAllBlahBlahBlah · 26/04/2021 07:08

I'm not sure I can get that excited about this tbh


IReallyNeedMoreGin · 26/04/2021 07:11

My husband has Next socks older than our marriage! Still in good condition. I've found a lot of retailers have skimped on quality of clothes a lot in recent years.

Tbh, I'd just bin them and buy elsewhere. You'll not get a full refund after a couple of months of use anyway.


Fieldoftheclothofgold · 26/04/2021 07:13

How many months is ‘a couple’?


DinosaurDiana · 26/04/2021 07:13

I’ve always been very happy with Next socks, but this year I bought some below knee socks for work and within a couple of washes they had come apart at the toe. I was just too lazy to complain.


Lockheart · 26/04/2021 07:17

It's been months and you've used them, even if you had them unused and still in the packaging with the receipt it would be too late to return them. And they cost £2/pair, if I'm reading this correctly. They were never going to last forever.

The 25% refund seems fair, take it and buy different socks.


MadeOfStarStuff · 26/04/2021 07:24

Who even bothers to complain about socks! Get a life!

YABU 25% off is reasonable considering you’ve had them for months.


Neolara · 26/04/2021 07:26

I would feel annoyed but put it down to experience and just never buy socks from them again.


Catmummyof2 · 26/04/2021 07:29

I haven’t bought any this year but the ones last year were rubbish compared to previous years. In fact the same could be said for a lot of Next’s clothing.


Aprilshowersandhail · 26/04/2021 07:29

Sock it to them op...


FizzyApricot · 26/04/2021 07:29

I'd just take the 25% off.


GirlCrush · 26/04/2021 07:32

So you want them for free?

No that’s not right and 25% gesture of goodwill is a good compromise. They aren’t obliged to give you what you want, they give what they see fit....their call not yours


FedNlanders · 26/04/2021 07:35

I'd take the 25% and not get them there again.


Soontobe60 · 26/04/2021 07:36

Exactly how long ago did you buy them, and how many pairs did you get for £10?


GoryGilmore · 26/04/2021 07:36

I bought some socks from M and S in January, same thing has happened. I’m just too lazy to complain about it. I have found the quality of everything from Next and M and S has gone down in recent years though so I’m not surprised when stuff falls apart.


DobbyTheHouseElk · 26/04/2021 07:37

I’ve found socks generally are really poor quality.

I love socks (see my name) and find all socks I’ve had recently haven’t lasted long at all. They all get a little hole where the heel starts by my ankle bone.

Some from M&S were missing stitches at the toe when I bought them.

I never used to get holes in socks. They aren’t cheap. I’d probably accept the 25% off. But depending on how frequently they’ve been worn.


AreTurnipsReal · 26/04/2021 07:38

I understand your annoyance OP! Smile


OatcakeCravings · 26/04/2021 07:38

Same happened to me, I had bought several pack of trainer socks in black with a silky little motif on the side. They have all worn through at the toe or heel after maybe 2 wears. Thing is I have ones from previous years and they are still fine. God knows what’s up with this years lot. I haven’t bothered complaining, maybe I should just to let them know that there is a flaw somewhere in the manufacture or design.


mum2jakie · 26/04/2021 07:39

I bought some Next socks in between lockdowns. Agree the quality is awful and most have holes in them already. I won't be buying any more. Next will be moaning about reduced sales next...


Northofsomewhere · 26/04/2021 07:40

I think if they'd become so worn in a couple of months (say you bought them late feb/early march) and were throwing them all away I could see wanting a greater than 25% refund. However by the sounds of it there's still wear left in them, particularly if you have 15 pairs. I'd take the 25% and buy a different type of brand elsewhere.

I bought some next socks this year, the plain black and padded sole with next written near the cuff. They were bought about 2 months ago and are still looking brand new and no signs of wear. I wonder if it was just the type you chose, the padded sole in particular are really comfortable.


Pottedpalm · 26/04/2021 07:47

They are not fit for purpose so you should be offered a refund. However, they would probably say it’s too late.
I find socks from Seasalt are comfortable and long lasting. I also buy from TKMaxx; some top quality brands if you hunt through. Welford etc.


PyjamaFan · 26/04/2021 08:03

I'm also having this problem with socks recently, each pair is wearing out at the heel. I definitely think quality at shops like M&S is poorer.

I bought some more expensive Seasalt ones and the same thing happened. I've decided to stick to cheaper ones and just accept that I will have to replace more frequently.

It's annoying and a terrible waste of resources.


Mhc19 · 26/04/2021 08:12

I got 5 pack of Christmas socks from next in December and some had holes in before we even got to Christmas day. Obviously at most they were worn twice max. Unless all of the socks have holes and you have proof of purchase i would take the 25% off and be happy with it.


GoryGilmore · 26/04/2021 08:13

Just been having a look through my sock drawer due to this thread and have realised that the best socks I have are from Asda. I know they must be at least 14 months old as they were bought pre-covid (I haven’t been in an Asda since then) and not a single hole to be seen, and no worn patches either. They’re probably actually my most worn socks too as they’re trainer socks and I wear trainers every day. So cheap and cheerful socks win in this house!


wannabeeot · 26/04/2021 09:06


I bought some Next socks in between lockdowns. Agree the quality is awful and most have holes in them already. I won't be buying any more. Next will be moaning about reduced sales next...

Yep. I never usually complain about anything but have a bit of extra time lately so am making a point of complaining about stuff that is just not good quality. I messaged them back and got a full refund and they are going to look into the quality of them. One pair I only wore twice and has a huge hole in both heels and the rest of the sock is thining.

I never usually bother complaining either but glad I did this time as I've now been refunded. I won't buy from them again. I don't expect them to last years but longer than two wears isn't a big ask.
OP posts:

ElephantsNest · 26/04/2021 09:39

Women’s socks from Next are awful quality but men’s seem better. I would just buy from elsewhere.

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