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Something magical?

30 replies

wellhelloyou · 25/04/2021 09:58

AIBU in (possibly) believing in this?

Having a coffee, chatting to a new(ish) friend. She asked me if I'd ever had a "magic moment"... I'm thinking she's going to offer me a biscuit or something else... could've gone a bit weird there!

Anyway, she said to me twice in her life she's felt or experienced something 'magical'... once just sitting in her front room, sun shining down, birds singing when everything went quiet she's sure she heard beautiful singing and 'felt' an angel with her. Looked out of the window and a truck went past with her (passed on) husband's name.

Other time walking in an unfamiliar wooded area, people about, birds, animals.. and something similar happened, she stopped, looked around, heard the faint singing and saw her mum and dad's names carved into a fence post (both passed on). Felt like she was floating a bit, heard a dog bark and everything back to normal. She describes these as 'magic moments'.

I feel like she's telling the truth true to her no doubt but I've never experienced anything like this.

AIBU in (possibly) believing her...I really like the sound if it.

Has anyone else experienced this?

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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Camomila · 25/04/2021 10:10

Oh that's lovely, I've had that feeling a few times.

I felt a bit like this at my wedding, at a big Christmas eve bonfire my village in Italy does, and when I was younger in a little patch of the downs behind my parents house. I really really felt like there could be fairys there until I was about 12 Grin


SmidgenofaPigeon · 25/04/2021 10:18

I have a robin visit my window every day, but I don’t believe it’s my dead grandma, unfortunately. It’s because I have a feeder attached to the glass with a high quality suet pellet attached to it.

I’m too cynical really. But shortly after I had a miscarriage last year, I had a dream that I was in the park and I was crying because I’d had to let the poor miscarried baby float away on the breeze like bits of paper. Then I heard a giggle and I turned around and a little toddler boy was holding his arms up to me. That dream brought me so much comfort in a way that no dream ever had. I replayed it in my head all the time. I was pregnant again a few months later, 20 weeks now and it’s a boy. Weirdly I always felt it was a boy and always referred to it as a ‘he’ long before we found out.


wellhelloyou · 25/04/2021 10:22

@SmidgenofaPigeon you gave me a shiver there. Sorry for your loss, what an amazing dream!

@Camomila sounds pretty magical to me

OP posts:

SnapAndFart · 25/04/2021 10:26

I had an important, life changing, decision to make. I had a few options, but when I thought about one of them, I had a 'magic moment'. Everything was flooded in light. I thought it was an anomoly, so I ran through the options again. The same thing happened again.

Oddest thing that ever happened to me, but I don't regret choosing that option.


YellowGlasses · 25/04/2021 10:27

I feel like she's telling the truth true to her no doubt but I've never experienced anything like this.

Surely if it’s her truth then it has to be true.


sohorriblyalone · 25/04/2021 10:29

I had a funny experience a few years ago falling asleep that a friend (who'd died by suicide a year or so before) was sitting on my bed beside me stroking my hair . I remember I woke up suddenly looking for her .. a few weeks from that had a vivid dream where I saw her sitting in a lovely garden, playing with my also deceased dog . She said, "don't worry now, we're fine,' but I couldn't get near her or the dog . Very strange but I like the idea that she might be with my dog - she loved her .


Giggorata · 25/04/2021 10:30

My sister and I experienced something wonderful and magical when we were out for a woodland walk alone as children.
It was beautiful and I have yearned for it ever since, as did she.
We have never forgotten it, and have never been able to explain it, although we have talked about it for years and researched similar experiences.
When we found the HG Wells short story, the Door in the Wall, it felt very familiar. We also considered that maybe we had been abducted by aliens and had had beautiful memories implanted. Or had been spoken to by spirit beings, god, angels, the Earth itself, who knows...
We considered regressive hypnosis, but she was keener on it than I was and now she has passed away.
As children, we thought we had been to the land of fairies. I am still not sure we didn’t.


ChristmasFluff · 25/04/2021 10:53

I do know how this sounds, but....

I was standing by my living room window, wondering if I should move house to escape the abusive ex who had moved in two doors down. My friends and family lived nearby, but I felt worn down.

As I was looking out the window, a huge inhuman thing walked past down the road - taller than the houses, looked absolutely terrifying, like the Alien made out of clouds is the best way I can describe it. Yet I felt perfectly at peace, and 'under-protection'. I felt loved.

I believe it was an angel, telling me I was safe to stay. I stayed. I was safe (only saw him twice in 5 years IIRC).


Awwlookatmybabyspider · 25/04/2021 11:29

When my mum died.... The feeling of peace in the room was completley indescribable. It sounds crazy to say it about the time my mum died but I just wish I could have bottled that feeling up.


GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing · 25/04/2021 11:33

I’m sure we all have moments that feel magical. But I’m not sure it’s actual magic. But then again does it matter if the feeling gives us comfort?


leeloo1 · 25/04/2021 11:54

@Awwlookatmybabyspider - my aunt described that same feeling after my grandma died.

I once went to see a spiritualist with a friend. I was hoping to have a 'reading', but there wasn't time and my friend didn't really agree with anything the lady said and afterwards told me that nothing had rung true for her. So I wasn't leaving the spiritualist with a great 'woo' feeling or anything. But... when I woke up the next day and for a few days afterwards I felt amazing, like I was in a protective warm cocoon and was safe and loved. I have no explanation, but it was lovely.


Will0wtree · 25/04/2021 12:33

There's a narrow street that I walk down on the way home from work. One day, when I was half way down it it suddenly started pouring with rain...then I took a step and I was out of the rain into full sunshine but the rain was still coming down behind me.

It must have been something to do with the cloud formation and the lack of breeze. But the rain was literally coming down like a waterfall on the first half of the street and then totally nothing on the other half. You could stand in the dry and look at a sheet of rain in front of you that you could step in and out of. Which I did, several times. It was just like something out of Harry Potter or Narnia or something.


StarCourt · 25/04/2021 13:07

I'm loving this thread


73kittycat73 · 25/04/2021 19:30

Lovely story's here, would love to hear more if anybody else wants to share? Thanks OP for the thread. Smile


MintyCedric · 25/04/2021 19:48

I lost touch with my teenage 'first love' in my early twenties. Our relationship was relatively short but intense as these things often are, and my parents and his remained friends so we always knew what one another was up to and sent congrats via them on our respective weddings, babies etc.

He died suddenly in his late 30s of an undiagnosed heart condition. It was a massive shock and gave me the kick up the arse I needed to leave what had become a very unhappy, emotionally abusive marriage.

The time that followed when I was going through an acrimonious divorce and living in less than ideal circumstances was often fraught, but nearly every time I hit a low point, I'd see the sun shining through the clouds in a very particular way and sense him telling me that I'd done the right thing and it would be all OK.

It sounds bonkers, but since I've been free of my ex and settled in my home, he only rarely makes an appearance, and only every if I'm going through a difficult time, so I like to think it's not coincidence.


HurryUpBetelgeuse · 26/04/2021 14:16

I love hearing things like this - hopeful bump.


Bipbopbee · 26/04/2021 16:10

@Giggorata can you tell us more about what happened when you and your sister were children please?


AlanThePig · 26/04/2021 16:52

When I was a child my Dad worked a lot in the USA and especially loved the west coast. He took me many times all over Arizona, California and Nevada and especially loved the canyon.
Before he died he told me when he'd gone I was to take some money and take my children to the Grand Canyon, he was quite specific which rim.

The year after he passed we made it there and as we walked up to the edge the sky beyond darkened and we sat and watched the most magnificent thunder and lightning storm over the Canyon. I sat on the rim and sobbed. It felt like he was there and in some way putting on the most amazing show. We were all in tears.


Giggorata · 26/04/2021 18:30

It will probably be disappointing!
We went through the woods, the longest walk we had ever been on. It was a new thing for my older sister to be allowed to take me out for walks. I was about five, and she, about ten.
We got lost and decided to walk on until we came to the edge of the wood. We found a more open space, where the sun was shining through. There was something like a deep well, all covered in green and a statue, or a figure. We both felt the magic in this place. The light through the leaves was beautiful. It felt like Christmas morning, with an edge of awe. Whatever it was spoke to me, although I can't remember what was said. I can't remember anything more about the time spent there, although it seemed like a long time. And there is no more memory of it, apart from knowing that it was wonderful and I would do anything to return there.
We seemed to transition and found ourselves on a path at the edge of the wood. A man with a bicycle pointed the way when I called out to him. (My sister didn't want me to speak to strangers) I turned out that we were on the farm track that led back to the road to our house.
We knew that we had been away for hours and would be in terrible trouble and my sister would never be allowed to take me out again.
But our mother just looked up and said hello when we got home and we hadn't been away long.
We didn't really talk about it until we were both adults and unexpectedly both ended up staying the summer at our parents' house. We had both felt the same thrill and magic, but seen something or someone different. We both felt it had been one of the biggest events in our lives and were both exasperated that our memories were incomplete.
We tried going back several times, both separately and together. Nothing.


Bipbopbee · 26/04/2021 18:52

Wow that is certainly very odd that it happened to you both. I’m so sorry about your sister.


PeterNiss · 26/04/2021 19:00

We can create these moments in the physical world if we are tuned into them. To be tuned in we need to really want them, like a hunger.

We now know that time travel into the future is possible, with limitations. Time travel into the past is not possible - at least it is not yet proven.

The closest we can get to the past is to unlock those sensations in our minds that have been entrenched since we were born and slightly further back. I have done it. It is very powerful when rolled out, but the circumstances have to be exact.


SecretWitch · 26/04/2021 19:11

The most magical moment of my life happened on a warm summer night about thirty years ago.

My husband and I were sitting outside watching the sun set. It grew dark but we continued to sit and talk. I watched while a fire fly lit up a bush in front of us. He must have called all his friends as we saw the bush light up like a Christmas tree. It took my breath away. This glittering bush glowing in the darkness hit me very hard. I felt like God was with us and something amazing was going to happen.

And it did. I discovered I was pregnant the next morning.

One really has nothing to do with the other except for the overwhelming feeling of love and magic emanating from the humble little bush.


PeterNiss · 26/04/2021 19:25


Was it by the old stone quarry in Bletchindon? I had a similar thing in 1985.


PeterNiss · 26/04/2021 19:25



TheVolturi · 26/04/2021 19:52

When I was at the very lowest time of my life, I had just lost everything and also had very little contact with my family, it was my birthday and I was alone. I was so low I really did feel like if I died I would welcome it. I was sobbing and sobbing and suddenly I just felt that I wasn't alone anymore, it was like someone really comforting was right there with me, such a strange experience but I felt better, and brighter. I hope to never feel that low again, it was almost half my lifetime ago. I am grateful for whatever it was that saved me.

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