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To ask how many spam texts or emails you get on average?

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Oilpyi · 24/04/2021 22:22

I feel like the amount of spam I get has increased, I’m wondering if it’s my details or a general upticks

I used to get near zero text, I’ve had two in the last two days (fake parcel links) and I get 5/6 a month lately. Had two calls this month as well, which I hung up (though the landline ones have stopped).

Again my junk folder in my email is always filling. I very rarely got any, now on the gmail I use for day to day stuff (I have a separate for very personal stuff) gets around 4 a day of fake supermarket offers etc.I even had one of those horrible ‘I have your password ones’ where they pretend you’ve been watching porn (password I haven’t used in years, before I became more cautious).

What’s the norm on here?

OP posts:

TabooNCoke · 25/04/2021 06:37

I have an old phone and separate number I use for companies etc so I hardly get any spam on my personal phone. Trouble is I miss calls on it because I forget to carry it. I get a lot of calls from the blood donors on it but not really been spammed on it yet.

Email, I try and give each company I deal with a unique address so I can trace who is sending me what.
I try to unsubscribe a lot of junk. I am currently getting dailies from Hobbycraft as their website unsubscribe button doesn't work.
I get junk in the guise of 4 friends who have had their emails hacked, these have links in them. I forward to the [email protected] and never click on the links.

Had one that said I'd been filmed watching porn and if I made a payment of bitcoins, they wouldn't forward it to my contacts. The email address was specific to nitenite hotels, as I'd given them a unique email to contact me on, so they must have been hacked or sold on my info.

Worse culprit is a chap who ran a walking group. When lockdown started he started emailing out jokes and local info to keep spirits up. Some days I can get up to 10 'funnies' from him, which have links in, he probably doesn't know what he's sending out. He doesn't hide other peoples addresses either so now all the group have my address.

I was trying to put mail into folders but it has become a chore to keep on top of, I have about 300 in my inbox which depresses me I try to put into alphabetical order and delete a lot at a time but still they come.


HarebrightCedarmoon · 25/04/2021 06:42

Not many texts, one a month perhaps? Email - not many total spam at all now. Some companies I buy things from are a bit of a nuisance, sending daily updates (why would anyone think this is a good idea?) but I just unsubscribe.


VillanellesOrangeCoat · 25/04/2021 08:08

I’m getting loads of parcel scam texts - two again this morning!


Billandben444 · 25/04/2021 08:23

I unsubscribe to everyone once I've received parcel and I empty my inbox weekly into folders or delete and 'spam' anybody I don't want to hear from. I check my spam folder regularly cos sometimes important stuff goes straight there (never sure why that happens). I probably only get one or two a week that are phishing or proper spam.


cariadlet · 25/04/2021 08:28

My gmail and yahoo accounts get spam emails but they're from companies which I've used in the past so I just need to unsubscribe. My Hotmail account, which is my main one, is the only one to get actual scam emails.

Very few scam texts.


Dontsayfuckorbugger · 25/04/2021 08:46

Too bloody many

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