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Alcohol consumption

2 replies

DeeleysMum · 24/04/2021 19:01

My DH has always been a big drinker, more of a binge drinker and its a real bone of contention. He's spending about £20-£30 every weekend to drink at home, last night he drank 7 pints and thats normal, some times it could be more and sometimes includes a tumbler over half full of whiskey. This afternoon he's started on his second crate and has now crashed on the sofa. We have a spare fridge and freezer in our garage as there's not always room in the fridge on the house with two adults and two growing kids. Last year I found that he'd been drinking in the garage as I was finding empty cans and bottles discarded and when I questioned him about drinking surreptitiously he just went quite, and it stopped, or he was hiding the evidence and now its started up again.
He's a really hard working guy and a great dad, if a little impatient, but I feel that his drinking is getting a bit much as its now started creeping in to mid week. He knows I hate it and just goes quiet when I try and talk about it. We just end up going to bed where he will snore his head off due to being pissed. I work really hard, I have my own business but I also run a home and am looking after the kids and him and i'm just tired of it. I've asked him to try and cut back but yesterday he bought 24 bottles of beer which will be gone by tonight. Am I being unreasonable asking him to cut back?

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Northernsoullover · 24/04/2021 19:04

No and you know you aren't. Trouble is he won't unless he wants to. I would actually consider leaving over this. I used to overdrink but read the book Craig Beck Alcohol Lied to Me and stopped overnight. But I wanted to. No one could have told me to cut back. I would have got very defensive.


Youdontknowwhatyoureonabout · 24/04/2021 20:00

I agree with Northern. YANBU to want him to reduce his alcohol intake but it’s unlikely he will comply.
When I was an over drinker I certainly never took any notice when DH wanted me to cut down.
Thankfully I got to the point where enough was enough and I stopped. Your DH has to really want to cut down, he won’t do it just because you want him to.

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