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To be desperate to see someone - anyone?

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sohorriblyalone · 24/04/2021 12:37

Because of mental ill health, and then Covid, I haven’t seen a single friend since May 2019 .

I’ve seen my mum, my sister twice since Feb last year, my grandmother, one aunt .

That’s it .

Most friends work for the NHS or have kids and so don’t want visitors just in case . Wider family aren’t very close and we wouldn’t normally meet up anyway . We don’t have any beer gardens anywhere near, lovely beach but it’s a rare day that it’s not bloody freezing .

I‘m a student but of course that’s all done over zoom so no chance to get to know anyone .

I used to see GP four-six weekly for severe mental health; haven’t seen her since Jan 2020 - all just phone calls . I live with my mother just now so no privacy, I can’t talk openly as she will hear . I’ve never missed something so much as that chance to talk in total confidence behind a closed door .

Having counselling - again, all over the phone from home, which is horrendously difficult and again, don’t feel I can talk properly as my mum will hear and ask questions.

Live in the sodding countryside too and I’m a non driver so screwed in terms of getting anywhere quickly .

I’m so bloody lonely now . The internet, email and WhatsApp only go so far . It’s horrible . Endless afternoons watching ITV daytime and going for sodding short walks . And they keep saying on TV - meet up with six others - what if you don’t have even one? Then what do you do?

OP posts:

Catswithflamingos · 24/04/2021 13:15

I’m so sorry that you’re feeling like this.

I moved into my village just as the pandemic hit. I’ve made no new friends. I promise you that someone else will be feeling like you are.

Could you push yourself to set up a Facebook group for local people looking for friends, and then when you feel comfortable, going for a coffee with some of them?

That’s what I keep trying to work up the nerves to do.


EveryDayIsADuvetDay · 24/04/2021 18:12

How rural/isolated are you - do you see people when you go out for short walks?
I'm seeing friends more now, but when I'm out, talk to anyone with a dog - probably know the dogs better than the owners, but there's quite a few people I've got to know that way. If you find it hard to approach people, befriending their dogs, or chatting to people about their dogs, can be an ice breaker.
Real life saver in Jan/Feb when lockdown was at its strongest.

How about suggesting a non-study related zoom chat with your fellow students so that you get to know them better.
Still zoom, but have you looked at frazzled cafe?

If you are very rural, as opposed to village based, is moving a better option longer term?

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