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To be lonely?

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sausageisassausagedoes · 23/04/2021 23:24

I love living alone! I love my (normal, non lockdown) life! I've made it through over a year of lockdowns and been absolutely fine, BUT, all of a sudden I'm not.
And I feel so strange, because everything's opening up again, so I'm like, why now?
AIBU to be falling at the final hurdle?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Cloisters · 24/04/2021 00:39

I think sometimes we can keep it together when we have to, and the second the pressure comes off, we break down, I come down with a bad cold or stomach upset every time I finish a major project.

Plus I think some rather lonely people found lockdown easier because it isolated everyone. They’re struggling now because their non-lockdown life isn’t a riot of friends and parties.

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