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Songs that take you right back to a particularly time and place

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Ithinkyoullbejustfine · 23/04/2021 19:02

Let Loose - Crazy for You takes me right back to being 13 on holiday in Majorca with my family and a beach bar that we went to almost every evening for dinner Smile

OP posts:
Hughbert · 23/04/2021 23:16

I Want to Break Free: standing on the steps of the shed in the primary school playground singing it with my group of friends.
OP- I love that Let Loose song!

1990s · 24/04/2021 09:33


Mya Case of the Ex and I’m back working in Etam Grin

MagicSummer · 24/04/2021 09:42

Donna Summer - I Feel Love - I was at a summer barbecue in a garden in the country and got together with someone I had fancied for ages!

Float On by the Floaters - awful, cheesy song but brings back so many memories of the late 70s. Wonderful times!

Careless Whisper by George Michael - the last time I went on holiday with my parents to a villa in Spain and somebody across the valley used to play this constantly and it kind of hung in the valley! Very nostalgic.

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