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to be annoyed with the estate agent?

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Thurlow · 23/04/2021 10:41

About two months ago we heard that a friend of a friend was having her rented house sold out from under her. The property ticked most of our boxes so we decided very suddenly to put our house on the market and see if we could get that house. We went with the EA who would be selling that property, so they knew our interest in that property from the word go. This property would be chain free because it is currently rented out.

However when our house was valued and we looked properly at our finances we realised we could afford more. Also, it turned out that the initial property wouldn't be as extendable as we thought. We started looking at other properties while ours went on the market, and we told the EA this - that we liked that initial property, but were looking around before we decided if we wanted to make an offer.

We then had an offer on our property and accepted, and a week later made an offer on another house, which is not chain free - the seller is actively looking for a property to buy (which they obviously couldn't do until they'd sold their house).

Now the EA is chasing because our buyers are getting annoyed as the chain is longer than they'd been told. It turns out that despite us being clear that we were looking at other properties and were now less keen on the initial property, they told all the viewers that we were going to buy a chain free property.

I'm so annoyed we're being hassled now and that it could potentially lead to our buyers pulling out. We never made an offer on that initial property and told the EA repeatedly that we were looking at other properties as well. AIBU to think that this is there fault?

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