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I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo Mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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pinkbubble · 12/11/2007 20:35

Just after Christmas I bought DD3 all the things she needed to decorate her room from Vertbaudet :- Pillow cases, duvet covers, curtains, pelmet and border.
I didn't get around to decorating her bedroom until the summer hols.

My first mad moan is that when I bought the curtains, apparently they only sell it as one, so if like me you have to order 2! Didn't know this until I had ordered one! So then had to order another curtain. Hey ho I thought next time read the small print.

My second mad moan is whilst drawing DDs curtains I noticed that they are actually odd and I cant quite believe I have only just noticed it because they are just so odd, different shade of pink and have a darker swirl on them. I am sooooooooooooooo cross, if they sold curtains in pairs then I would't have had this problem!

Oh and my poor old MIL had to sew a proper heading tape on the flippin' curtain too!


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dooley1 · 12/11/2007 20:37

write and complain... you might get vouchers if you're lucky
I have found Vertabeudat home stuff quite shoddy tbh but everyone on here seems to rave about it


pinkbubble · 12/11/2007 20:40

I liked it because I thought it was a bit different, now I wish I had stuck to the usual kind of shops like Next!

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pinkbubble · 12/11/2007 20:50

Yes I will write to them too and tell them how unhappy I am!

Cant believe it thou that I have just noticed the curtains being odd!

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leya · 12/11/2007 21:02

What I have done (same problem as you from vertbaudet) is, get some plain curtains and matching top sheet, and maybe valance and try to tie the duvet colours in with the curtains. Then send the curtains back and demand a refund.. If you cant send them back , then use the curtain that is the nearest to the duvet colour, make some tie backs and add them to plain curtains, and hey presto! I was able to send mine back, but if you cant, then def claim from them.


pinkbubble · 12/11/2007 21:08

Doubt if I could send them back as

a)They have been hanging up now for 3mths!

b)I ordered one curtain first (thinking that it was a pr) When I realised I then had to order another curtain!

Oh why Oh why Oh why!

Will def write thou even if its to put my point across!

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Eliza2 · 13/11/2007 08:48

How extraordinary to sell curtains as singles!


Alambil · 13/11/2007 16:53

how bizzare! WHO would want just one curtain?!


pinkbubble · 13/11/2007 19:55

That is exactly my thought when I bought the CURTAIN!!!!!! Every time I go into DDs room I see the odd curtains, tomorrow I am going to write to them and moan, not that I expect it will get me anywhere!

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