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How long to wait?

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GrandTheftWalrus · 20/04/2021 12:04

I'm currently waiting on a health visitor phoning me to do dd 4.5y review before she starts school in August. They were due to phone over an hour ago. I need to go out to the chemist etc but obviously don't want to answer phone to them when I'm out.

How long is too long to wait or should I just head out and try and contact them myself to apologise for missing the call if they phone when out?

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FlibbertyGiblets · 20/04/2021 12:40

Can you ring the HV office and leave a message stating you have waited in for the 11 am call and need to nip out, back by 2pm (or whenever you estimate) ? And trot to the chemist and back.


GrandTheftWalrus · 20/04/2021 12:51

I'm giving them another 30 mins then I'll contact the number on the letter. I know they can be busy etc but I can't wait about all day.

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