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To be annoyed that my partner introduced a bad sleep association

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Hard2Find09 · 19/04/2021 12:04

My dp has been insisting on laying our 8 month old dd on his chest to get her to sleep. I was annoyed and asked him to stop doing it but he wouldn't as he claimed it was the only way to get her to settle. I suggested other methods but he wouldn't try them.

Now she is having huge issues trying to get to sleep. She just wants him to cuddle her on his chest. It doesn't seem to work for me as she will start pawing at my bust, touching my hair, or trying to have a chat.

I'm so annoyed. Now she is so upset at nap and sleep time as I try and break the habit. He thinks my annoyance is unreasonable. Am i?

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KatherineofOregon · 19/04/2021 17:03

"My dp has been insisting on laying our 8 month old dd on his chest to get her to sleep".

Who died and made your DP ruler? No, YANBU. This will cause issues moving forward. What if DP is at work/busy/out? DP is also not listening to you.

Baby needs to settle on own in cot, in order for you to establish a routine. Falling asleep / settling solely on DP is not workable longterm.

I wonder if your DP prefers this as it eliminates any crying/sleep training/effort etc? He just sits there with DD on his chest? While doing this, DP is not avail to cook a meal, clean, shop, help with laundry. I am guessing DP just sits there with DD on his chest while you do everything else? Your instincts are right.

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