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Tight/stingy Vs skint

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Isaidwhatisaid1 · 18/04/2021 21:14

See a lot of comments about how there's nothing worse than a tight person, and i see where they are coming from.
But has anybody ever been accused of being tight when they were just very skint?

It can be difficult if friends with higher salaries want to do things (in usual times) but you just don't earn the same money. I have been called a cheapskate before.

Also, know of people who seem to be able to do whatever they like but also save a lot. Not sure where you draw the line with being generous, giving gifts, buying rounds etc. Yet also being a saver?
Just things I've struggled with a lot.
I'd go to B and M, Poundland etc. And friends would make jokes, but I didn't have a lot of money at all.

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Isaidwhatisaid1 · 18/04/2021 21:15

I am in no way tight though, I only treat those closest to me, If I could afford it I'd buy my family a house, pay for my brother's university fees etc.

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LolaSmiles · 18/04/2021 21:23

Tight/stingy gives me the impression of someone who is keen to keep their own wallet closed and spend as little as possible, often whilst being too willing to accept others spending money. (Eg the person who stays for rounds, but vanishes when it comes to their round, or the person who suggests bill splitting when it works in their favour, but will count the pennies and only cover their own when it doesn't, or someone who would regift items regardless of whether it's appropriategift for the recipient).

Skint would be genuinely short on cash, whilst others might not be skint but live frugally. Frugal people can still be generous though.


Shoxfordian · 18/04/2021 21:27

I think tight is more people who have the money but try to duck their round at the pub

As long as you’re honest about what you can afford and don’t accept invites you can’t then you’re fine

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