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Costs of moving

27 replies

Chocolatekrispy · 18/04/2021 10:57

What are the costs of buying a house ?
Not selling just the buying part?
Do the solicitors take the money out before they give you what's left of the profit or do you pay them after ? Tia

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Chocolatekrispy · 18/04/2021 11:07

Hopeful desperate bump I need to stand my ground but need to know if Im right in what I'm thinking xx

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Proudboomer · 18/04/2021 11:08

What do you mean take the profit out?
If you are buying there is no profit


PrelovedWithValue · 18/04/2021 11:10

I don't understand your question.

What profit is there if you are buying?

I paid £500 fixed price to buy my house, but that was quite a long time ago. Selling was a whole different issue, and the solicitor did give me the net figure, having deducted his costs first. But that has nothing to do with the cost of buying it.


TheFlis12345 · 18/04/2021 11:10

Costs for buying would be solicitor (which usually includes searches, land registry etc), survey if you have one, stamp duty and movers.


Chocolatekrispy · 18/04/2021 11:15

Partner and I are selling our house and he is buying the new house and buying me out long story really don't want to go into it all but he is wanting me to pay for half the removal company when I want to hire a van which is so much cheaper, he is now saying I'll need to pay half which I'm happy to pay half for a van but I'm thinking I've already paid towards his new house because the solicitor will have taken their charges out already ?
I'm not money grabbing any way shape or form but he is out righty owning a home and I'm being brought out which rounds up to about 6-8 thousand to set up a new home with dd if it doesn't work out

OP posts:

PrelovedWithValue · 18/04/2021 11:24

So are you asking if they will take out the costs of buying, from the profits of sale?


BrieAndChilli · 18/04/2021 11:24

There is no profit when buying a house!
The solicitor sends you a bill which includes their fees, any searches etc, and the amount of deposit you are paying. They need this before exchange. Then on completion day they receive funds from the mortgage company and send that along with the deposit you paid them to the sellers solicitor.


Merryoldgoat · 18/04/2021 11:28

The solicitor will usually take their costs if you’re buying and selling and they are dealing with both sale and purchase and once they’ve paid themselves, estate agent, stamp duty and the money to the vendors l they’ll distribute what’s left.

Removal costs are an upfront cost that the solicitor doesn’t get involved with.


MouldyPombear · 18/04/2021 11:39

Our solicitor gave us a quote before we agreed to use them. It split the costs of buying and selling into two parts with a proper breakdown of each section. Did they not do that? I can't imagine you would just hand over a few grand with no idea what it was for? If you don't have some sort of itemized bill I'd request it.


Chocolatekrispy · 18/04/2021 11:41

Right so I've done a bit of questioning - he has asked me for half for the removals fair enough but not happy to pay for men to lift stuff when I'm happy to do that myself with partner !
Whilst he's asked me for half of the removal he hasn't taken into account that the solicitor fees will have already been taken out which I have told him I won't pay towards his new house and it is solely his

OP posts:

Chocolatekrispy · 18/04/2021 11:42

He isn't suggesting he gives me back half for his solicitor bill for his house x

OP posts:

Merryoldgoat · 18/04/2021 11:48

I’m guessing you’re splitting up?


LividLiving · 18/04/2021 11:55

I’m confused by your posts but it sounds like you shouldn’t be in a relationship together.


HmmmmmmInteresting · 18/04/2021 11:55

Just refuse. He's the one wanting to do it the expensive way. This is the beauty of splitting up- you no longer have to go along with his decisions!Smile


HmmmmmmInteresting · 18/04/2021 11:56

I'm confused- are you splitting or not?


ballsdeep · 18/04/2021 11:58

Op if you're not splitting up, this isn't a way to buy a house together!! You're stressing me out reading this!


User0ne · 18/04/2021 11:58

If I've understood correctly you are selling a jointly owned property and then your partner is buying a new one without you.

If that's correct then you should pay half the solicitors fees for the sale but not the purchase. The fees for the sale and purchase will be calculated separately by the solicitor so it should be easy to see what you're liable for.

Assuming you're moving separately I don't see why you would cover his costs but you would sort your own. These are paid up front to the removal company or van hire place so just don't give him any money for it. If you're moving together then you need to sort it between you.


User0ne · 18/04/2021 12:00

And if you're not splitting up his attitude to money on this makes me think you should be


Orangesand · 18/04/2021 12:13

I think our solicitors costs were about 2 grand to buy. Stamp duty for us was exempt as we bought in the stamp duty holiday. U can find stamp duty costs online. We paid 500£ for a basic home buyer report and 200£ for an electrical inspection.

Solicitors took their fees out of our equity from our house sale after completion.

You can get free quotes on lots of solicitors on house sales.


Chocolatekrispy · 18/04/2021 12:19

We are still together but moving to a new house to see if we can sort our relationship out.
He has brought me out because I don't own enough of the house for it to be worth staying on the mortgage ie I'm walking away with 6-8000 whilst he's got enough to buy a new house etc if the relationship doesn't work out I'm not tied into a mortgage where he would say he won't buy me out if that makes sense

OP posts:

HmmmmmmInteresting · 18/04/2021 12:22

How would moving to a new house help sort your relationship out?

Are you going to be paying towards the new mortgage? You will be paying into HIS equity.

I think the writing is on the wall, though, and you will split up.


Merryoldgoat · 18/04/2021 12:23


We are still together but moving to a new house to see if we can sort our relationship out.
He has brought me out because I don't own enough of the house for it to be worth staying on the mortgage ie I'm walking away with 6-8000 whilst he's got enough to buy a new house etc if the relationship doesn't work out I'm not tied into a mortgage where he would say he won't buy me out if that makes sense

I think you are fighting a losing battle OP - these are simple things to resolve. Why are you putting yourself through all this? And now he can kick you out with no warning if you argue or disagree.

catndogslife · 18/04/2021 12:23

We were invoiced separately for the buying and the selling part of the transaction with the solicitors.
We had to pay a deposit before the process was complete but most of that covered the costs of buying e.g. searches, land registry fees.
If you are only selling the property you would be expected to cover:
50 % of selling costs with solicitor
50% of estate agents costs (assuming you used one)
50% of fees for changing the names of property owners
Once that is completed you would receive any balance owed to you from the property sale.

Stamp duty is for buyers only (if applicable).
It would be up to you to cover your own removal costs. (Some companies require payment is advance).


Chocolatekrispy · 18/04/2021 12:24

No i won't be paying towards his house I don't work at the moment, if we split I have enough to start private rent, we're moving to be nearer my family

OP posts:

miliie55 · 18/04/2021 12:28

We were £1700 for buying and selling almost 5years ago. Central Scotland and I would expect this to be around £2000 now. This was for buying and selling.

We had made a little bit of money from the house we sold, they took off their fee and stamp duty etc and the balance then went towards the new house. We had to pay the rest of the deposit to them a few days before we got the keys.

You need to get him to send you the breakdown from the solicitors so that u can take the stamp duty and buying fees off and then split the true profit.

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