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hiking boots in the washing machine?

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notagainboo · 17/04/2021 23:23

i've got fabric hiking boots that have never been waterproofed and they got drenched in rainwater so now they smell.

if i put them in the washing machine, inside a cushion cover, do you think the sticky-out metal lace holes will damage the drum?

or does anyone have any better ideas of how to stop them smelling without using lots of dodgy chemicals?

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TheWaif · 17/04/2021 23:24

I put mine in recently for the same reason and everything was fine.


Shouldbedoing · 17/04/2021 23:29

Treat them like trainers. I've done it many times


ErrolTheDragon · 17/04/2021 23:36

I'd be more worried about damaging the machine than the boots.

I'd wash them well by hand, then made sure I dried them quickly.


notagainboo · 17/04/2021 23:40

thanks everyone

that's what i mean Errol, i'm worried about damaging the drum.

TheWaif and Shouldbedoing do yours have those sticky-out metal bits that are like hooks at the top?

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Creamcustards · 17/04/2021 23:40

I wouldn’t.
Just slather them in nikwax and leave them out in full sun as much as you can.
They are never going to smell gorgeous, after all, they are hiking boots.


ViciousJackdaw · 17/04/2021 23:42

Do you have any white vinegar? If so, spray some inside your boots. Put them outside for the rest of the day and as the vinegar evaporates, it takes all niffs (including its own) away. I've heard cat litter does a good job too.


Shouldbedoing · 18/04/2021 08:56

I've never had the hooks catch, to my knowledge


Dogscanteatonions · 18/04/2021 10:07

Don't put them in the washing machine - you should also never put trainers in the washing machine - it can weaken the adhesives and damage the fabric. I'd give them a good scrub with a bucket of water with Dettol antibacterial laundry liquid in it


MatildaTheCat · 18/04/2021 10:09

I’ve washed trainers for decades without issue. Wrap the cushion cover in an old towel for more padding and give it a go.


LittleOwl153 · 18/04/2021 10:53

I've washed many a boot in various washing machines without hooks catching.
Take the laces out and wash them separately. I usually just bundle them to about foot long loops and loosely knot so they don't get lost!
My kids trainers go in frequently, my expensive boots less often as it does impact them but it certainly cleans them up!


VegCheeseandCrackers · 18/04/2021 10:54

I usually just wash mine by hand but to wash trainers I put them in a pillow case in the machine and they've always been fine.


80sMum · 18/04/2021 10:56

Don't do it!

Unless they are incredibly cheap boots that I was thinking of replacing anyway, I would never, ever consider putting them in the washing machine! Surely it would ruin the boots?


Gothichouse40 · 18/04/2021 10:57

No, wash by hand and then treat them with the spray waterproof stuff(the shop can advise what you need).Different boots need different spray. A hand wash with good old washing up liquid and warm water would be fine.


Gothichouse40 · 18/04/2021 10:58

Wash up liquid and warm water for fabric boots, not leather I hasten to add.


FastnetLundyRockall · 18/04/2021 11:00

No it will run the boots. Warm water, bit of detergent and a drop of white vinegar, scrub outside only with an old toothbrush, dry in sun.


TheHamsterCatcher · 18/04/2021 11:00

Take the insoles out, spray some athletes foot type powder in the boots, then leave them all sitting in the sun for a day or two.

Should sort them out, and then get a waterproofing spray for next time!


tttigress · 18/04/2021 11:06

I think it depends how heavy they are
If they are the sort of hiking boots that are a bit heavier than trainers then ok. If they are the same weight as heavy leather hiking boots, even though they are made of fabric, maybe not.


tttigress · 18/04/2021 11:08

To add, I normally scrub trainers/boots as many times as possible in the sink before eventually succumbing to using the washing machine.


notagainboo · 24/04/2021 10:06

thanks for all the advice everyone :-)

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