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Tw if a person takes an overdose of something that could affect their heart

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Heartbeat76 · 17/04/2021 14:36

Is there anyway to check how the heart is if they refuse an ecg. Dd though an adult but obviously vulnerable due to mental health is refusing an ecg.

OP posts:

ChristmasFluff · 17/04/2021 15:19

The doctors will be aware of the tests they can use and how useful they are likely to be. They will have informed your daughter about this, and about the problems of refusing an ECG.

They will also take a decision on her mental capacity. Adults have the right to make poor decisions unless they are deemed to lack capacity.


Heartbeat76 · 17/04/2021 16:45

I assume they could put her on a heart rate monitor couldn’t they?

OP posts:

LIZS · 17/04/2021 16:49

If refusing an ecg why would she agree to a heart monitor?


Hellocatshome · 17/04/2021 16:50

The doctors will be aware of what tests are appropriate if she refuses an ecg, if she refuses an ecg she may well refuse whatever the alternatives are as well.


JustOneMoreStep · 17/04/2021 16:51

The only other thing they could realistically do is various blood tests but they wouldn't give a full picture. An ecg does alot more than just measure the speed or the heart and may well be the only way of being sure no damage has been done to the heart unfortunately


Heartbeat76 · 17/04/2021 17:56

She’s allowed the blood tests feels to insecure for the ecg.

OP posts:

gobbynorthernbird · 17/04/2021 18:02

Do you not think that the cardiologist would know if there was a way to check heart function?


RagamuffinCat · 17/04/2021 18:42

What are her worries about the ECG?


QueenOfPain · 17/04/2021 18:46

A bear rate monitor still requires three leads being strapped to the chest and the side under the clothes, so she may not agree to the either.

A three lead heart monitor isn’t any use for measurement QT interval and the other specific measurements that are useful to assess any toxicity that the heart is subject to, really.


QueenOfPain · 17/04/2021 18:47



LEMtheoriginal · 17/04/2021 18:48

Im sorry this has happened. Why was the ecg offered? Just as part of general observations or due to specific concerns.

They will be able to tell quite a lot by listening and also from other obs such as oxygen levels and blood pressure.

They could also do ultrasound but your dd may be reluctant to have this if also reticent to ecg.

I feel for you x


LEMtheoriginal · 17/04/2021 18:49

Gobby - is that comment really necessary Hmm

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