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Should she complain about this

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Gardentime76 · 17/04/2021 12:39

My dd 24 was under the crisis team. After saying she had suicidal plans. She has asd so finds it hard to meet people face to face. They wanted to either come to our home or her go to their base. She said she would prefer phone calls. They then discharged her as she wasn’t engaging how they wanted her to. While still in crisis. Her care coordinator sent an email after speaking to the manager of the team saying if she was to act on her thoughts to call an ambulance. This was after talking to her on the phone and her saying she felt unsafe. I assume the manager asked them to put it in writing to cover them if anything were to happen.

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MakeMineALarge1 · 17/04/2021 14:23

They wanted to meet her, to fully assess her, gave her 2 options and both were declined. I am not sure how successful a telephone assessment is in these circumstances.
Genuine question. Can they support her over the phone? Are face to face interventions more appropriate.
Is she at home?


Gardentime76 · 17/04/2021 14:33

Thank you for you response. I do understand their reasons. However she would more than likely completely close up if the assessment was done face to face.

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