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Final wedding planning event

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picklewick · 16/04/2021 20:27

Hi all
Due to get married late October (rearranged from jan this year - we chose to rearrange September last year so haven't had a planning meeting yet). So venue have been radio silence since we rearranged which is fine because we appreciate that they were dealing with those couples who had not rearranged. Last night we received an email inviting us to a final planning meeting (one hour) in early may.
I'm feeling a bit lost. We haven't spoken at all to
The venue and the plan was always that we had 2 x meetings at the venue or online to discuss certain bits and then a final planning meeting 2 months before the day. Although we have some very loose ideas everything will have to be 100% finalised in this meeting. Also due to covid restrictions only the couple are allowed to attend, great for some not so much with a DP who, bless him, would just go along with anything in this department. I was hoping my mum could attend. For context this will be where they show is all the colours, table set ups, ceremony set up etc so some really big decisions!
I emailed them today to ask if there was any later date saying I was happy to hold it over the phone so we could get a good idea at the may one but have time to think and talk it over. I was told no with the reason being they can't do that for every couple...
AIBU to feel a bit miffed and frustrated? I fully
Appreciate covid has had massive impacts but
For something that should be semi exciting I'm just worried about!

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SunshineCake · 16/04/2021 21:32

I'd be walking away from this venue. There are things we are still sad about from our reception and hopefully you only get one wedding so of course you can't learn from mistakes as you only do it once. They aren't honouring what they have said and covid isn't an excuse. Cancel them.


TheFlis12345 · 16/04/2021 21:47

I would be questioning why they need the meeting so early and refuse until you have a better sense of COVID regulations being eased and what you can go ahead with.

How much deposit have you paid?


picklewick · 16/04/2021 23:04

@TheFlis12345 we've already paid in full as we had a payment schedule which we had paid off when we rearranged.

This evening they have said that it's due to lack of spare dates due to weddings occurring which is why we can't speak to anyone any later

OP posts:

TheFlis12345 · 16/04/2021 23:11

So you can’t speak to anyone at the venue in the 5 months leading up to your wedding?!? Dodgy as hell. Escalate to the management and demand the staged process you signed up for. If you have paid then that must be in the contract?


WeddingSecrets · 20/08/2021 12:16

This reply has been deleted

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